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Compost Happens Now – May 2024


International Compost Awareness Week Slated May 5-11

This year’s theme is COMPOST … Nature’s Climate Champion

‘Just Eat It’ explores food waste and surplus

Documentarians Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer took on the challenge. In the documentary “Just Eat It,” the pair challenged themselves to rely only on discarded food for six months to prove just how much food is wasted every single day.

Greensboro expands program to combat 2.7 million tons of food waste from N.C. 

By Sydney McCoy Greensboro 

PUBLISHED 5:00 PM ET May 06, 2024

EVERYBODY EATS: Homemade compost increases harvest quantity and quality

Made from decomposing food waste, using your own compost can increase your garden success

New Orleans receives funding to increase composting capacity

The city received $398,500 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Compost and Food Waste Reduction Program.

Food Matters Partners’ Food Waste Reduction Strategies, July – December 2023 

Through NRDC’s Food Matters initiative, partners were required to submit mid-engagement progress reports that highlight successes between July and December 2023

North Providence will be first RI district to compost food waste at all schools

USDA debates synthetic biodegradables in organic compost

Environmental initiatives in NOLA: Composting — The key to maximizing New Orleans’s rich cuisine

Electricity from farm waste: How biogas could help Malawians with no power

From “who should?” to “who could?”: Navigating the messy problem of food waste

How do we move away from guilt-inducing moral superiority to actually solving the problem?

Growing Mushrooms From Food Waste

A Tale of Two Banana Peels: Composting in R.I. vs Washington

Pilot program to test autonomous robots’ potential for picking up food waste for compost in Corktown

Food scrap collection services growing, but not in all suburbs

The Twin Cities Has a Trash Problem. Can We Compost Our Way Out of It?

Inside the plan to reduce waste and cut emissions, one pale green bag of scraps at a time.

Australasian Bioplastics Association offers verification for compostable items

University Farm’s Sarah Warner shares ways to use orange peels in the backyard

Food waste to power Scenic Rim Agricultural Industrial Precinct

Now More Ways to Compost

South Florida composters eye opportunities as region faces disposal crunch 

A growing number of subscription haulers in Miami-Dade, Broward and other counties are signing up residential and commercial customers as local officials debate landfill and incinerator expansions.

Turning Food Waste Into Renewable Energy And More (CT.)

Spotlight on Mecbio in-vessel composting systems

Navotas LGU inaugurates greenhouse facility

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