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New York City Community Compost program funds restored in FY25 budget 

The budget, finalized Sunday, will expand the number of organizations funded by the program. The council also moved to protect the funding from future cuts.


Funding Available for Composting Projects


Funds available for composting projects. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Glastonbury 2024: Massive cleanup operation gets underway at Worthy Farm

‘It’s incredibly serious because it’s a working farm, you can’t have a trace of a festival with a working farm. It’s just impossible.’


Farmers in one part of southern Ethiopia are making their own organic compost with the help of earthworms. It’s good for the farmers and the wider region. After initial resistance, the practice is catching on fast, bringing positive change.

(video 4 ½ minutes)


B.C. court overturns environmental board’s ruling over ‘apprehension of bias’


Food Waste in America and How Farmers Markets Help


A California man brings new composting technique to schools


Impact of Food Waste on Society, Specifically at Retail and Foodservice Levels in Developed and Developing Countries


Gill (MA) pursuing new composting program


GEME Breaks New Ground in World’s First Bio Waste Composter Machine


How major food manufacturers are cutting food waste 

Food manufacturers are prioritising food-waste reduction at all stages of production, and in doing so, are reducing costs too. 

Ways for food retailers to reduce waste

Independent retailers can lead the charge on slashing single-use plastics and reducing the amount of food waste being sent to landfill – here’s how


Nature Fresh Farms using AI technology to help develop more sustainable farming


Lineage unveils a Global Food Chain Innovation Challenge to combat food waste


City of Sonoma awards 10-year waste disposal contract to longtime local partners

Waste disposal provider Sonoma Garbage Collectors will increase rates by 20% and update practices to comply with state regulations

A robot is helping turn food waste into compost in Detroit

Using crop waste to develop biobased plastics

Coming full circle
Momentum for composting is growing – will the buck(et) stop in Durango?

Phoenix’s food waste reduction program supporting local restaurants enters 2nd phase

Food Scraps Recycling Drop-off at the West Community Market Begins on July 20, 2024