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Major growth of clean energy limited the rise in global emissions in 2023

Global energy-related CO2 emissions increased as exceptional droughts hit hydropower, but rise was lower than in 2022 thanks to expansion of technologies such as solar, wind & EVs

‘It’s almost carbon-negative’: how hemp became a surprise building material

The true cost of food is far higher than what you spend at the checkout counter


The Growing Environmental Footprint Of Generative AI

AI runs on power-hungry equipment that uses millions of gallons of fresh water. Policymakers are weighing the costs.

Vaclav Smil and the Value of Doubt

A ruthless dissector of unwarranted assumptions takes on environmental catastrophists and techno-optimists.

Smil is an emeritus professor of environmental studies at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg. He is best known for his writing about global issues, among them energy, agriculture, population, economics, and climate.


US court bans three weedkillers and finds EPA broke law in approval process

Ruling, specific to three dicamba-based weedkillers, is major blow to Bayer, BASF and Syngenta


World Breaches 1.5°C for an Entire Year for First Time on Record


‘In a word, horrific’: Trump’s extreme anti-environment blueprint

Allies and advisers have hinted at a more methodical second term: driving forward fossil fuel production, sidelining scientists and overturning rules


El Niño Predicted to Supercharge Record Global Heating in 2024


Ultra-processed food exposure and adverse health outcomes: umbrella review of epidemiological meta-analyses


Hardline U.S. Stance Ignores Non-GM Corn Opportunity for U.S. Farmers


Compost for Good is reimagining waste with North Country towns, businesses


We Can’t Achieve Food Justice if We Don’t Prioritize Soil Health


What ancient farmers can really teach us about adapting to climate change – and how political power influences success or failure

Atrocious Air

Places like California’s Central Valley, the San Francisco metro area, and much of Southern California are all expected to experience poor air quality up to 3 months worth of days in a bad year.



Vast swaths of US will be exposed to polluted air by 2054, says report

Researchers say the number of Americans exposed to unhealthy air will rise by 50% by the middle of the century


From Growing Crops to Cooking Food, Fire Shaped Ancient Civilizations 

The mastery of fire transformed ancient civilizations. Even if humans may not have invented it, we found better ways to use it.


1 Million-Acre Wildfire Moves Across Texas Panhandle, Destroying Homes, Ranches and Grasslands


Assessment of Historic and Future Trends of Extreme Weather In Texas, 1900-2036

This report and the 2021 Update analyze historic observations of temperature, precipitation, and extreme weather in Texas and identifies ongoing and likely future trends out to the year 2036. These trends represent climatological expectations; the actual weather from year to year and decade to decade will be heavily influenced by natural variability which at this point is largely unpredictable.


Agroecological solutions better than pesticides in fighting fall armyworm, experts say


Bridging the Regenerative Agriculture Financing Gap


KU celebrates $1.5 million grant for regenerative organic agriculture


Report makes five recommendations to promote regenerative farming


Straus Family Creamery Advances Carbon Neutral Goals with New Organic Dairy Sustainability Incentive Program


Can regenerative wool really make a difference?

More brands are adopting regenerative wool, but without the resurgence of a US-based wool supply chain, its impact is tenuous


Tesla’s Charging Network Is Now Open to Other EVs—and Ford Is First in Line

From today, Ford electric car drivers can plug into the Supercharger network. You can bet more makers will follow.


Using ammonia as a shipping fuel could disturb the nitrogen cycle


The world’s first clean ammonia-powered container ship


Worldwide renewable energy could do more harm than good?

If we’re not careful.


5 Types of Renewable Energy and Their Impact on the Environment 

Five types of renewable energy include solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy and biofuels.


Flying Green: The Pursuit of Carbon-Neutral Aviation Revs Up

To eliminate global aviation’s sizable carbon footprint, researchers are working on a range of alternatives to fossil jet fuel. Recent test flights powered only by hydrogen or biofuels have been successful, but steep challenges remain before aviation can become carbon-free.


New York sues JBS, world’s largest meatpacker, over sustainability claims

State accuses Brazilian company of misleading customers with claims it can reduce carbon footprint despite growth plans


In search of the last saola

A unique combination of high-tech and traditional tracking is going all in to find a mysterious, charismatic mammal in the mountains of Southeast Asia.


This Simple Solution Can Help Reduce Microplastics in Your Drinking Water.


Pakistan bucks global trend with 30-year mangrove expansion.


Harvesting Health: The Role of Herbal Medicine in Food and Agriculture Systems


Closing the Gap: Putting Philanthropic Dollars Behind Food Systems Transformation.


Texas farmers claim company sold them PFAS-contaminated sludge that killed livestock.

Two ranches also allege biosolids with ‘forever chemicals’ ruined crops, polluted drinking water and left their properties worthless


The Explosion in Green Tech with Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah is director of the Department of Energy Loan Programs Office, a role in which he oversees investing and scaling carbon free energy.

We Just Blew Through Another Climate Change Milestone

CO2 levels just reached their highest point in human history.

What Will It Take to Save Our Cities from a Scorching Future?

The U.N. named Eleni Myrivili its first-ever global chief heat officer based on her record as a city official in Athens. In an e360 interview, she talks about why extreme heat is a health crisis and what cities must do to protect the most vulnerable from rising temperatures.


Monarch butterfly numbers dip to second lowest level in Mexico wintering grounds

Experts say the endangered insect numbers fell by 59% this year, blaming pesticide use and climate change for the reduction


Worried About the Climate Crisis? Just Start Doing Something 

No matter where you are on the political spectrum, there is a group for you.


Jury Awards Climate Scientist Michael Mann $1 Million in Defamation Lawsuit


Federal court ruling bans use of 3 popular herbicides used for weed control in dicamba soybeans

The Tuesday ruling vacates the 2020 registrations for the use of three herbicides on dicamba soybeans


The world is reducing its reliance on fossil fuels – except for in three key sectors

Dramatic changes in energy industry and EVs reducing fossil fuel use, but shipping, aviation and industry a long way from net zero


Pakistan bucks global trend with 30-year mangrove expansion


Amidst ongoing conflict, efforts to save this endemic tree are threatened

On Yemen’s Socotra island, poverty and political disruption hinder efforts to give its prized dragon’s blood tree a future


Food Recovery Network Teams Up with Local Students to Recover Surplus Food During Super Bowl LVIII

Scientists Propose New Category 6 for Stronger Hurricanes Linked to Climate Change


EPA again OKs use of toxic herbicide linked to Parkinson’s disease

Agency’s draft report backs paraquat’s safety but lawsuit’s plaintiffs say EPA ignored evidence of Parkinson’s risk


Writing Climate Change into the K-12 Curriculum