To Avoid a Dystopian Climate Future, We Must First Envision the World We Want

When we envision a sustainable future, we can show people that there is something worth fighting for, not just against.


Indigenous Gardens Cultivate Healing


Indigenous land trust empowers women to reclaim and restore ancestral land 

Corrina Gould, co-founder of Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, explains the concept behind rematriation and how it extends beyond the movement to return land to tribes.


3 climate impacts the U.S. will see if warming goes beyond 1.5 degrees

How Do Venus Flytraps Work, and What Do They Really Eat?

Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants that have evolved to catch insects for survival. Learn how these fascinating plants work and how they use their unique traps to capture their prey.


New Report Reveals Big Oil’s Playbook to Silence Climate Protests


“Baby Steps” Aren’t Enough: UN Warns COP28 Must Be a Clear Climate Turning Point 

“The world is failing to get a grip on the climate crisis,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said.


Banks pumped more than $150bn in to companies running ‘carbon bomb’ projects in 2022

Exclusive: Projects that risk 1.5C heating target operated by companies receiving financing from European, Chinese and US banks


Taproot Noire is an international network of Black climate leaders from across the African Diaspora who share solutions being developed on the global climate frontlines.


Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says

‘Polluter elite’ are plundering the planet to point of destruction, says Oxfam after comprehensive study of climate inequality


EU reaches deal on contested nature restoration bill

The European Parliament and EU member states reached an agreement on Thursday on a key biodiversity bill aimed at rewilding EU land and water habitats.


Forests hold massive carbon storage potential — if we cut emissions


Diverse forests hold huge carbon potential, as long as we cut emissions


1.5°C – dead or alive? The risks to transformational change from reaching and breaching the Paris Agreement goal

The historical failure to sufficiently tackle the climate and ecological crisis could create consequences that challenge the ability of societies to tackle the root causes of this crisis.


US students file complaints against six universities over fossil fuel investments

Students say that by investing in fossil fuels their schools are violating commitments to the public interest


The Union of Concerned Scientists Position on a Fossil Fuel Phaseout 

We support a fast and fair phaseout of fossil fuels around the world

Position: Don’t fall for the hydrogen energy hype! 

Hydrogen energy is being promoted as a ‘clean’ alternative to fossil fuels, in global efforts to reduce emissions and tackle climate change. Despite the colourful array on offer- from grey to pink to green hydrogen – in reality all types of hydrogen are expensive, inefficient and far. In this position paper, Friends of the Earth International debunk the hydrogen rainbow and the myths around hydrogen’s role in the just energy transition.


Book Excerpt: A Just Clean-Energy Transition for All

Vien Truong, a leader in the environmental justice and climate-protection movements, sees environmental and climate policy “as a bridge to address other issues,” including economic inequality.

The Fifth National Climate Assessment 

The Fifth National Climate Assessment is the US Government’s preeminent report on climate change impacts, risks, and responses. It is a congressionally mandated interagency effort that provides the scientific foundation to support informed decision-making across the United States.





When Idiot Savants Do Climate Economics

How an elite clique of math-addled economists hijacked climate policy.

‘We didn’t know we were poisoning ourselves’: the deadly legacy of the US uranium boom

The Diné helped dig the raw materials to build the US’s nuclear arsenal, but were never told of the danger


As U.S. insurers stop covering prescribed burns, states and communities step up


“Forever Chemicals” Disposal Is Creating a Health Nightmare

New data compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) depicts a growing danger to public health and the environment from a vast, uncontrolled, and spreading web of unregulated disposal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) waste.


Worries from a Major Auto Dealer About All Electric Cars (by Ralph Nader)

Some auto dealers are concerned that consumers aren’t being given the full truth about the issues with the current crop of EVs.


Public power is on the ballot in Maine. Will voters take a leap of faith? 

The state has a chance to oust unpopular investor-owned utilities — and set a precedent for the rest of the country.


Trashing your pumpkin can cause greenhouse gas. These Sacramento farms will use it instead


What’s Hot: Mandatory Composting in Place in Brooklyn this Month


Curious About Composting? Get Involved in One of Farmer Pirates FREE Composting Programs


Why not all cities are welcoming community composters (audio 4 minutes)


When restoring or replanting vegetation in degraded ecosystems, it may be tempting to let nature run its course, and allow native herbivores to claim their fair share. Yet a new analysis in Science reveals that plant eaters at restoration sites don’t just reduce vegetation abundance — they may depress plant diversity as well.


$8.6 Million Shell Lawsuit Threatens Greenpeace’s Ability to Protest 

“I will stand up in court and fight this; and if Shell refuses to stop drilling, I refuse to stop fighting for climate justice,” one activist named in the suit said.

Poor Countries Overwhelmingly Bear the Costs of Plastic’s Life-Cycle

A new analysis finds lower-income countries pay 8 times more for plastic’s social and environmental impacts.

Scientists find fish that ‘sees’ with its skin ‘even after it dies’

‘The animals can literally take a photo of their own skin from the inside’


The Role of Composting in Organic Waste Management


Rogue Valley entrepreneur turns food waste into ‘black gold’

(Audio, 5 minutes)


Compost in agriculture: A good news story


Tucson Compost Cats: New life for food waste (video)


Edible Gardens in Schools


Consider compost: Nature’s own fertilizer,34027


Farmers Urged to Adopt Organic Agriculture to maximize yield


Mixing meat and a leftover tracker: Startup companies at Grow-NY focus on food waste reduction with new approaches 

Mixing meat and a leftover tracker: Startup companies at Grow-NY focus on food waste reduction with new approaches

Mixing meat and a leftover tracker: Startup companies at Grow-NY focus on food waste reduction with new approaches

Mixing meat and a leftover tracker: Startup companies at Grow-NY focus on food waste reduction with new approaches–startup-companies-at-grow-ny-focus-on-food-waste-reduction-with-new-approaches-


Farm-to-Glass Supports Organic Farming 

Cheers! NRDC and our partners toasted a good cause on Capitol Hill: growing organic!


A Guide to Six Greenwashing Terms Big Ag Is Bringing to COP28

We debunk some key concepts that the world’s largest food and farming companies will be using to sway debates at the climate summit.




Assessing the climate change mitigation potential from food waste composting


Critical endangered species

Starts 2024 campaign to help conserve axolote 

They are factors of the crisis: pollution, urbanization and introduction of foreign species in Xochimilco

A Slow-Motion Gaza

Or How to Carbonize Planet Earth

Jamaica battles relentless plastic pollution in quest to restore mangroves