returnable containers

What will it take to get companies to embrace reusable packaging? 

Inside the effort to standardize the design of returnable containers.


Green Groups Call US Electric Transmission Rules ‘Major Leap Forward’ 

Experts celebrated the “critical step to ensuring our electric grid has the capacity and durability necessary to keep up with our clean energy ambition, meet climate goals, and guarantee affordable and equitable energy access for all.”


Greenwashing the Skies

How the Private Jet Lobby Uses “Sustainable Aviation Fuels” as a Marketing Ploy


Climate Change Added 26 More Days of Extreme Heat in the Past 12 Months, Report Finds

Opinion: What’s the best climate action you can take? You tell me.
It’s critical individuals take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
But only you can determine which climate solutions will be most effective for your situation.

Climate change and human health.

High school students, frustrated by lack of climate education, press for change

Is collapse of the Atlantic Ocean circulation really imminent? Icebergs’ history reveals some clues.

Shade-grown coffee benefits birds, forests & people in Venezuela.

Many People Are Feeling Ecological Grief. How Can We Help Those Whose Work Puts Them At Risk?

FamilyMart to launch environmental education campaign in Taiwan.
Aim is to reduce plastic and improve sustainability.

When is it OK to pick someone else’s fruit tree? We asked and sparked a tense debate
More than 800 readers shared their thoughts on the etiquette of picking fruit from a tree that’s not their own. But what’s legal and should one consider Nextdoor shaming?

Can state-level green amendments protect from rollbacks in federal regulations?
Michigan looks to join Pennsylvania, Montana and New York in passing green amendments that have been used to fight environmental threats.

Mexico City Nears Day Zero, When It Could Run Out of Water

Scientists and farmers restore Aztec-era floating farms that house axolotls.
In 1987, UNESCO declared the Xochimilco wetland area in southern
Mexico City a World Heritage Site, recognizing in particular its
chinampas, an ancient agricultural system in use since the time of the

Avocados are a ‘green gold’ export for Mexico, but growing them is harming forests and waters.


E-waste generation is accelerating five times faster than recycling rates. What to do about it?

U.S. East Coast adopts ‘living shorelines’ approach to keep rising seas at bay


Report: Trump Promised to Reverse Biden Environmental Rules in Exchange for $1B Reelection Pledge From Top Oil Executives


Feeding the Future: Newman’s Own Foundation Calls for Projects to Improve Food Justice for Children

Microplastic presence in dog and human testis and its potential association with sperm count and weights of testis and epididymis.