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Earth Month UWS Explainer: How to ‘Compost’ Food Scraps and Why It Matters

Navigating the Compostable Packaging Landscape: Insights from BPI Executive Director Rhodes Yepsen

Which applications are best for compostable packaging? How can labeling help eliminate consumer confusion over proper disposal? What role will EPR play in facilitating composting? BPI Executive Director Rhodes Yepsen shares his thoughts.

Bioplastics create a composting conundrum 

Biodegradable food packaging is a step in the right direction, experts say, but when composted carries risks of microplastic and chemical contamination.

St. Pete Greenhouse paying dividends in providing food and teaching students at youth farm

ANCA’s SOIL Fund boosts two small North Country farms

Compost Global Market Report 2024 – By Drivers, Size, Share, Trends And Analysis, Forecast To 2033

Republic Services Announces Compost Workshops, Commercial Food Waste Assessments

Super-sized diversion

Denali Water Solutions works with large-scale venues and events to divert food waste and packaging from landfills.

Nod to a Bountiful Ag Budget in Pennsylvania

In highly urbanized Japan, city farmers are key to achieving organic goal

Want to compost your food waste in Fort Collins? This company is opening a new facility

Food waste compost program starts Tuesday in Attleboro

CIC and Dalhousie working on food waste measurement

O-Town Compost collects food scraps from UCF dining to turn into compost

Food Scrap Composting Offers Wellington Businesses An Easy Way To Take Climate Action

Price Farms Organics creates compost from Columbus Zoo and community scraps

Modular Insect Farms Successfully Turn Organic Waste Into Sustainable Protein

The world wastes more than a billion meals a day

Why Asia must solve food waste to hit its environmental goals

Food waste is a worldwide problem but is particularly pressing in Asia, which is home to hundreds of millions of hungry people

Not only is wasted food not getting to the people who urgently need it, that which ends up in landfills produces methane which exacerbates climate change

Compostable Packaging Disintegration at Composting Facilities

Something’s fishy with composting at D.C. farmers markets

PCFWC & ReFED find ‘real food waste reductions at scale’ in a new study of West Coast US grocery retailers

Bellevue High Schools go green with composting initiative


A closed loop makes for open doors at Durham College