Aerial view of Eagle Beach, Aruba

‘Nature Has Rights’: Aruba Could Become 2nd Country to Recognize Rights of Nature in Constitution


In Libya, one person’s garbage is another person’s gain

How unlikely recycling initiatives began supporting those in need


U.S. Oil Industry Peaks as “the days of easy oil are over”


Postcard from California: After plastic bag ban backfires, lawmakers seek a fix


Inching toward a global treaty on plastic pollution 

Delegates from 175 nations are working on an international agreement that would tackle the vast amounts of plastic waste in the environment. A marine scientist specializing in plastic pollution discusses the problem and her hopes for the proceedings.


Food matters: Dietary shifts increase the feasibility of 1.5°C pathways in line with the Paris Agreement


A potent planet-warming gas is seeping out of US landfills at rates higher than previously thought, scientists say


‘We Have Just Arrived’: Author Rick Bass on Writing and Activism in Montana


What is dirt? There’s a whole wriggling world alive in the ground beneath our feet, as a soil scientist explains


A California man brings new composting technique to schools


Preserving Community Compost in New York City

Adding compost to soil for healthy gardens.


“Composting links everything together,” 

Farm event will explore soil’s hidden life.


What Does Poop, Farms, and Food Have in Common? REGISTER:

 Where does our food waste go? What is the price we pay for our disposable economy? Discover the unlikely places


Worm castings finding grower favour in large scale farming (video, 13 mins.)


Mexico’s precaution on GM corn safety is justified


America Has a Farming Crisis.


Farm like an ecosystem Part III: Wild farming.


The 2024 Dirty Dozen™

Of the 46 items included in our analysis, these 12 fruits and vegetables were most contaminated with pesticides:


Global water crisis looms yet only one in four of the biggest food and agriculture corporations say they’re reducing water use and pollution.


Safe, affordable and climate-friendly energy for all.


We Must Break the Oligarchy’s Grip to End Economic Anxiety for So Many Americans


Composting, water access and backyard chickens: Detroit’s urban farming evolution


Gardeners Corner: Spring into composting by reviving a compost pile after winter


Farmers’ markets, leaf composting key initiatives of historic RWA The monthly market is one of multiple initiatives by the CWA, which is one of the oldest in the city.


The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative


Grass-roots green living: Lingnan University students empower communities towards sustainable waste practices

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In this service learning course, students collect food waste from stalls and shops in Hong Kong, bring it to farms to compost and educate the public about sustainability


Tea industry contends with environmental and social problems

Solutions lie in reducing the sector’s environmental footprint and building resilience against climate change effects in a rapidly warming world, say experts.


Innovators offer solar drying solutions for farm produce


4 Must-Read Graphic Nonfiction Books About the Environment


California is wrestling with electricity prices – here’s how to design a system that covers the cost of fixing the grid while keeping prices fair


Rose Essential Oil Is a Safe and Effective Pesticide for Organic Agriculture, Study Finds


People With Views of Greenery or Water at Home Get Better Sleep, New Global Study Finds


As Egypt’s economy dips, sustainable fashion soars

Recycling and upcycling clothing saves money and reduces waste while offering new employment opportunities, too