compost pile with flower

A Love Letter to My Compost Heap


The Organic Urban Farm Growing Healthy Food for One of Chicago’s Most Underserved Neighborhoods

For two decades, the 1.5-acre Growing Home farm has pursued its mission of growing and selling produce to its neighbors. It’s found support from across the city and in the state legislature.


Why is inorganic fertilizer so bad for the climate?


U.N. Climate Ambition Summit 2023

Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Final Speakers List


Plastic Cloud: New Study Analyzes Airborne Microplastics in Clouds


Climate Change Is the Fight of Our Lifetime—It’s Time We Spent Our Money Like We Knew That

More than half of discretionary spending goes to the military. Only a tiny fraction addresses the most urgent threat to our security.


Net Zero Roadmap

A Global Pathway to Keep the 1.5 °C Goalin Reach


In a Historic Vote, the State of California Becomes the Largest Economy in the World to Endorse the Call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty


Climate Deniers Should Not Assume They Will Never Face Justice 

Time has a way of catching up with scientific falsehoods—and so too for those who peddle them.


State of the Climate in 2022

An international, peer-reviewed publication released each summer, the State of the Climate is the authoritative annual summary of the global climate published as a supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.


As NYC Expands Food Scrap Collection, Local Composting Businesses Seek New Clients

Many of the small composters that had stepped in to provide New Yorkers options during the pandemic are pivoting to collecting commercial organic waste.


Six people are taking the government to court over climate change

The group, aged 11 to 24, have filed a lawsuit against all EU member states, as well as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Russia and Turkey, alleging they are violating their human rights by failing to cut emissions fast enough.


Take a break from your screen and look at plants − botanizing is a great way to engage with life around you


‘You can’t survive this’: Hurricane Idalia strikes Florida’s most vulnerable coast 

Officials and residents said the rural Big Bend region was wholly unprepared for the Category 3 storm.


Students react to no water at schools in South Plaquemines Parish (LA) amid saltwater infiltration


Scientists Find Direct Link Between Polar Bear Cub Survival Rates and Human-Caused Carbon Emissions


50 years after the Bunker Hill mine fire caused one of the largest lead-poisoning cases in US history, Idaho’s Silver Valley is still at risk


Trump-era rule change allowing the logging of old-growth forests violates laws, judge says


Swapping out plastic for seaweed: Meet the start-up tackling packaging waste, boosting soil health 

UK start-up Searo is addressing the plastic problem with a seaweed-based alternative for flexible packaging, flow wrap, and single-use cups. 

3 developments on SB 1383 that could spur progress for California communities 

A pair of agreements with Agromin, a planned anaerobic digestion facility and a new bill all offer jurisdictions an assist in achieving compliance.


The summer food went weird: searing heat reshapes US food production


There’s Nothing Natural About Modern Meat

The factory farm industry wants you to believe in the superiority of “real” meat that’s been pumped full of antibiotics and hormones.


Researchers find nuclear waste fingerprints in sea turtle shells 

A new study underscores an enduring nuclear legacy as Japan releases wastewater from Fukushima into the Pacific.


Tens of Thousands in Seoul: ‘Stop the Dumping of Radioactive Wastewater’ 

‘It is time for the international community to step in and call out this clear breach of the international law’


Scientist Peter Kalmus: The Hurricanes, Floods & Fires of 2023 Are Just the Beginning of Climate Emergency (video)


Lethal Investments: The Health Consequences of Cash Flows into Coal

How Major Global Banks are Financing Some of the Deadliest Coal

Plants in the US


Feeding big agribusiness, starving Africans

Industrial agriculture has failed to eliminate food insecurity in Africa. It is time for a radically different approach.


Global glacier change in the 21st century: Every increase in temperature matters


The Small Farmer Atlas: Learning Lessons from the Original Influencers


In the clash over Dutch farming, Europe’s future arrives

Despite months of protests by farmers and an electoral rebuke, the Dutch government has pressed ahead with an attempt to make its farming system more ecologically sustainable.

But there are deep divisions in the Netherlands over how extensive any reforms should be, and clashes over the role that new technologies should play in them.

This summer, talks over a potential consensus position between the Dutch government and the national farmers’ union collapsed in failure.

The clash between the continent’s green movement and its agricultural industry is building steam, with the EU’s flagship conservation law barely squeaking through parliament in June.


How the Finance Flows: The banks fueling the climate crisis


California’s Salton Sea Eyed for Lithium Extraction With New Tech

As companies with billionaire backing buy in, frontline communities weigh the economics with health and environment.


Oil & Gas Companies Are Forging a Suicide Pact With Mother Earth 

Our national charter needs amending to deal with big corporations, which in turn requires a mass movement.


EV sales growth points to oil demand peaking by 2030 − so why is the oil industry doubling down on production?


EVs are a climate solution with a pollution problem: Tire particles 

The tiny fragments that tires release into the environment are yet another reason to reduce car use.


Mobile homes could be a climate solution. So why don’t they get more respect? 

We like to denigrate manufactured housing, but new units are better for the environment.


‘To Dye For’: The Toxic Evolution of Fast Fashion by Alden Wicker


Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries

The planetary boundaries framework draws upon Earth system science. It identifies nine processes that are critical for maintaining the stability and resilience of Earth system as a whole. All are presently heavily perturbed by human activities


Heat pumps twice as efficient as fossil fuel systems in cold weather, study finds

Doubts about whether heat pumps work well in subzero conditions shown to be unfounded, say researchers





BPI seeks to change ‘out-of-date’ definition for compost set by USDA 

The federal definition has remained the same for years, but composters worry it could leave modern facilities and compostable products out of compliance.


Supermarket Food Waste Is a Big Problem. Are Strategic Price Cuts the Solution?

A new study suggests that grocery stores could keep more food from landfills and be more profitable by adopting a practice widely used by airlines, hotels, and other industries.


What Los Angeles Has Learned About Curbside Food Waste Collections


Keeping your cool in a warming world: 8 steps to help manage eco-anxiety


Take a break from your screen and look at plants − botanizing is a great way to engage with life around you


Can a Tiny Restaurant Surcharge Move the Needle on Climate?

Investing just one percent of food and beverage sales in regenerative agriculture could be key to changing the food system.