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The hidden power of nature in cities

When urban planners consider and work to maximize all effects on greenhouse gas emissions, the potential of these and other nature-based solutions (NBS) to contribute to climate goals multiplies many times over.


A look back at US climate solutions this year.
The country may have a long way to go in its decarbonization goals, but these stories show signs of progress.

Ten top sustainable agriculture stories of 2023.
Agroecology is the overarching term which encompasses such sustainable agriculture solutions that we cover, from organic farming to integrated pest management and agroforestry, a practice that incorporates trees and which sequesters at least 50 gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere. For reasons like this, agroecology is noted as a top climate solution by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Some hemp with your wine? Study shows better soil, potentially flavors from intercropping



Can we keep both fascism and climate doom at bay for decades to come?



The future of the planet hinges on understanding these 5 key phrases
The controversial concepts shaping climate action, defined.


Thailand tries nature-based water management to adapt to climate change

  With an economy largely underpinned by irrigated crops like rice, water is a crucial resource in Thailand. But as climate change exacerbates floods and droughts in the country, sustainable water management is an increasing challenge.

  Nature-based solutions that incorporate the natural processes of the country’s abundant rivers, floodplains and watershed forests are beginning to be trialed via various projects at large and small scales.



If you care about conservation, read this.
From printable DNA to bird-bashing buildings these 15 issues are likely to have a big impact on biodiversity in 2024.
This year’s horizon scan includes 15 key issues looming over biodiversity in 2024:

Smog obscures Dubai skyline on ‘Health’ day at COP28 climate summit.

Dubai’s glitzy skyline was obscured by a blanket of smog rated as “unhealthy” on Sunday as thousands of delegates attended the fourth day of the COP28 summit, which was designated as “health” day and where topics of discussion include air quality and the unhealthy affects of climate change.  


Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels.

Exclusive: UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’



Al Gore slams COP28 climate summit host UAE, says its emissions soared.


‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Freshwater Fish, Yet Most States Don’t Warn Residents.


The Global Tipping Points Report was launched at COP28 on 6 December 2023. The report is an authoritative assessment of the risks and opportunities of both negative and positive tipping points in the Earth system and society.


A Slow-Rolling Disaster in Fracking Country.

Ex-employees at “West Virginia’s Chernobyl” speak out on lethal cancers, regulatory failure and contaminated drinking water. 


Marine conservation technology hub rises from old L.A. wharf (analysis)
– In 2014, the Port of Los Angeles gave a 50-year lease to an aging wharf called City Dock No. 1 to a project called AltaSea.
– AltaSea is a non-profit project founded in 2014 that in less than 10 years has become a leading ‘blue economy’ research hub focused on renewable ocean energy, sustainable aquaculture and other blue technologies.

Carbon pricing would raise trillions needed to tackle climate crisis, says IMF.

Traditionally unpopular carbon taxes could be achieved with regulatory compliance, IMF head tells Cop 28. 



Why is the phase-out of fossil fuels the biggest flashpoint at Cop28?

The issue dominating the climate talks may appear to be a simple scientific one but is in fact complex and deeply political



Cop28: China ‘would like to see agreement to substitute renewables for fossil fuels’

But country’s climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, would not say whether it would support phase-out wording in climate deal.


The 10 Boxes the Wicked Problem of Climate Change Checks.

Rittel and Webber noted that wicked problems have ten important characteristics.


Reuters, New York Times Top List of Fossil Fuel Industry’s Media Enablers.

New report by DeSmog and Drilled reveals extent of commercial partnerships between trusted outlets and Big Oil. 


Japanese butterfly conservation takes flight when integrated with human communities.

  A brilliant blue butterfly species has been declining in Japan as the grassland-mimicking agricultural landscapes its host plant relies on fade, due to urban migration, the ageing of the population, and the nation importing food from abroad.

  The key lies in preserving this traditional landscape called satoyama, a mosaic of various ecosystems like grasslands, woodlands and human uses such as farms and rice fields.



‘Earth Needs Our Help’: California Kids Sue EPA Over Climate Pollution. 

“We’re challenging the EPA’s failure to protect us. The air we breathe has become a casualty of their opposition.”



Black farmer looks to ancestors to help Californians battle climate change


May is the new July; Norway is the new Italy: How extreme heat is changing tourism.
Climate change could forever alter how people travel.

New tool aims to make nature-based solutions projects in SE Asia a better sell.

The Climate Can’t Afford Another Trump Presidency
His approach to the environment: ignore it.

As salmon disappear, a battle over Alaska Native fishing rights heats up.
A legal fight is ramping up over who should manage Alaska’s dwindling salmon populations — and who gets access to them.

Bird-friendly maple syrup boosts Vermont forest diversity & resilience.

How can California solve its water woes? By flooding its best farmland.
Restored floodplains in the state’s agricultural heartland are fighting both flooding and drought. But their fate rests with California’s powerful farmers.

Wild by nature: Ecological restoration brings humanity and biodiversity together(also includes podcast).
Ecological restoration is “an attempt to design nature with non-human collaborators” in response to the biodiversity crisis.

Can forest expansion balance climate change, economic growth and ecological health?
When it comes to managing woodlands to meet multiple needs, Irish activists underscore the importance of considering the forest as well as the trees.

Municipal Compost Is Key for Regenerative Farms and Sustainable Cities. 

Compost is a physical reminder that soils, farms, and farmers are all part of a larger food system inextricably linked with municipalities and urban areas.


Exploring Composting: U.S. Consumer Perceptions & Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Environmental Practices in the Floral Industry.


U.S. EPA announces draft national food waste prevention strategy at COP28. 

The strategy cites ongoing commitments to building out organic waste recycling infrastructure, including on-farm anaerobic digestion and decentralized community composting programs.


All the Dirt: Star City Compost ready to collect food waste (3 minute video)

It’s the first of its kind in Roanoke, and All the Dirt gave you a preview of it in July. Davey Stewards joined Amanda Kenney to give us all the dirt on the progress of Star City Compost.



Michigan Stadium’s compostable garbage fuels student-staffed farm.

The stadium’s compost consists of food items, as well as compostable containers, such as cups, trays, napkins and pizza boxes. The garbage is collected at the stadium, separated by contractors to remove recyclable items such as plastic bottles, and the compost is sent to the farm, Richardson said.


Should Michigan ban food waste in landfills?



New plan aims to reduce food waste in Michigan by 50% by 2030 


Urban farmer’s composting operation gets in ‘deep trouble’ with city; why she’s thankful for the opportunity to cultivate change.



Urbavore Urban Farm (Kansas City) faces code violations, looks for solutions with city manager.

Some neighbors complain about composting component of farm.



Regenerative agriculture and compost projects sprout around Waco.


Scottsdale tackles residential food waste issue.

The city is collaborating with local businesses that can help residents compost in their homes and encouraging residents to donate unused food and learn how to make changes in their homes that reduce food waste.


Site finally confirmed for RDOS compost facility

Reeder expects the RDOS’s new compost facility to divert 26% to 40% of the waste currently being buried at the Campbell Mountain landfill, which has approximately 100 years of space left.