Greta Thunberg’s Transatlantic Sailing Trip Is Seriously Carbon-Neutral


Walter Jehne – The Soil Carbon Sponge, Climate Solutions and Healthy Water Cycles (video)


Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Pace of Climate Change
A book entitled Discerning Experts explains why—and what can be done about it


Could Rights of Nature Laws Help Save Endangered Orcas?
In the face of the climate crisis imperiling endangered species, some activists and governments are turning to a radical, rights-based approach to protect nature.


The Key to a Sustainable Economy Is 5,000 Years Old

{Ed.: this is a good example why the word “conservative” does not describe the political persuasion, a better word would be “Regressive”. So if a candidate comes out for horse-drawn carriages, then any car or gas commercial becomes “political” ? Well then again, that’s why the fossil fools deny climate science! IT IS political, so how do you disallow free speech about science, and allow free speech using propaganda methods? eh? follow the real money? eh? }

Canada election: Charities warned against climate change ads


10 Organizations Fighting Climate Change With Food


5 wild organic materials that could transform the fashion industry
From enzymes and cow manure to roots and collagen.


You Can’t Put Capitalism Over Sustainabilityand Other Lessons From China
Humanity’s existential crisis can be resolved only when we the people

stand united behind a vision of the world we truly want.


An assessment of acute insecticide toxicity loading (AITL) of chemical pesticides used on agricultural land in the United States


Insect ‘apocalypse’ in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides Bees, butterflies, and other insects are under attack by the very plants they feed on as U.S. agriculture continues to use chemicals known to kill.


Jobs, the Environment, and a Planet in Crisis Unions vs. Environmentalists or Unions and Environmentalists? By Aviva Chomsky


Sustainable consumption: the impact of changing consumer drivers on food manufacturers


Pay dirt: world first project paves way for soil carbon payments


We Could Have Less Than 60 Years Of Farming Left — Unless We Support This Growing Movement

Ryan touts new and better, not left or right, in visit to Nevada


Bernie Sanders’s Green New Deal, explained
The Vermont Senator has finally put out his own plan to fight climate change. It’s big.

Jay Inslee Wants to Pay Farmers to Pull Carbon from the Atmosphere
His rural platform centers on rethinking subsidies and investing in research

to help growers adapt to climate change.



When Will We Start Applying the Precautionary Principle to the Chemicals that Are Killing Our Kids?


What would it really take to plant a trillion trees?


A hyperlocal food revolution
The present industrialised, global food economy and futures market is unsustainable, but it has inspired some new ways of thinking that affect the way we produce, distribute, buy, eat and dispose of food. Food technology specialist Vincent Walsh explains the changes we are seeing and what opportunities exist to facilitate a system revolution.


The Terraton Initiative: Working to Remove a Trillion Tons of Carbon


Iceland holds funeral for first glacier lost to climate change
Nation commemorates the once huge Okjokull glacier with plaque
that warns action is needed to prevent climate change


Bees Dropping Dead In Brazil (video)
Why have more than 500,000,000 bees dropped dead in Brazil so far this year?


To Fight Global Warming, Think More About Systems Than About What You Consume


Groups Sue Trump’s EPA in Response to ‘Nauseating’ Approval of Bee-Killing Pesticide


Farming Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis
Could changing our land use and agricultural practices make a dent in addressing climate change?
Yes, says Project Drawdown and a new report from the IPCC.


Walmart sues Tesla over solar panels it says caused multiple fires |


Amazon under fire for new packaging that cannot be recycled
Use of plastic envelopes branded a ‘major step backwards’ in fight against pollution


How the plastic bottle went from miracle container to hated garbage

The evolution of the plastic bottle from amazing to scourge of land and sea has played out inside of a generation.


The yin and yang of plastics taxes


We Can Stop the Climate Crisis
By Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute Executive Director


Change the World 2019:
Where Business Creates Virtuous Circles

“We remain absolutely committed to cutting down on single-use plastics in our shops and are planning to roll out wooden cutlery later this year.”
Pret A Manger accused of taking ‘backward step’ over single-use plastics U-turn
Plastic knives and forks are now back on display after the throwaway cutlery was taken off the shelves in July last year.


US federal deficit to reach $1 trillion next year, report says

Debt held by public is expected to reach 95% of GDP in next 10 years, the highest level since just after the second world war


Tax on super-rich a popular idea, except in the media


Broccoli Is Dying. Corn Is Toxic. Long Live Microbiomes!
Let’s move past the green and gene revolutions to a microbiome renaissance

The luxury fashion brands gauging their dependency on nature – and doing something about it


AI protein-folding algorithms solve structures faster than ever
Deep learning makes its mark on protein-structure prediction.
The race to crack one of biology’s grandest challenges — predicting the 3D structures of proteins from their amino-acid sequences — is intensifying, thanks to new artificial-intelligence (AI) approaches.


DEEPMIND Douglas Adams was right – knowledge without understanding is meaningless by John Naughton
Using supercomputers to explain life, the universe and everything takes us into territory previously only laughed at


Nitrogen Crisis: A neglected threat to Earth’s life support systems


‘Charismatic Carbon’
Researchers suggest seaweed farming could be a versatile tool in the effort to mitigate climate change


An Inside Look At How Monsanto, A PR Firm And A Reporter Give Readers
A Warped View Of Science Dogged for years by bad press, Monsanto hit reboot with Ketchum.


Monsanto-allied researcher: “Beat the shit out of” moms worried about Roundup.


Emails Reveal Science Publisher Found Papers On Herbicide Safety Should Be Retracted Due to Monsanto Meddling


Roundup labels: Trump administration says it won’t approve glyphosate warning labels – CBS News


Tracking the Agrichemical Industry Propaganda Network


Lethal weapon: Whose footprints appeared in lobbying for GMOs in Europe?


Can The Hawaiian GMO Seed Industry’s Decline Lead To A Sustainable Food System?
We must restore long abused soils to the fertile agriculture lands they once were.


Boris Johnson, GMOs and Glyphosate
Irresponsible, Negligent and Criminal?

Here’s what you can do to help the burning, ravaged Amazon rainforest


Big Donors Are Pulling Out of Brazil’s Amazon Fund; That Could Spell Trouble for the Rainforest


As the climate crisis intensifies, lawsuits aimed at slowing greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise


Big Ag Is Sabotaging Progress on Climate Change
Opinion: Grim as the UN’s latest climate report is, it doesn’t confront the dangerous, government-hijacking power of agribusiness.


The Water Underground
The world’s water supply is at risk.


CEO of Patagonia: The Trump Administration Just Decided to Make Our Extinction Crisis a Whole Lot Worse


The US-China Trade Dispute: What Impact on the Circular Economy?
With no end in sight for the trade tensions between the US and China,
efforts to advance the circular economy in both economies are seemingly under threat.


Regenerative Agriculture: 25 Things to Know Now
Not to be overly dramatic, but this article contains information that is critical to the future of humanity. Read on for need-to-know information that can benefit people, the planet…and your bottom line, too


Stonyfield’s Sustainable Land Management Plan Focuses on Soil Health, Sequestering Carbon


Q&A: Is Agriculture the Answer to Climate Change?
David Perry, the CEO of Indigo Ag—a company offering farmers cash for carbon sequestration—is betting on it.


How Does Factory Farming Negatively Impact The Planet?


Brazil Isn’t the Only Far-Right Government Destroying the Planet
As the Amazon burns, the terrifying parallels between the U.S. and Brazilian governments highlight the damage authoritarian leaders are doing.


Animated by stories from around the globe, Water In Plain Sight is an inspiring reminder that fixing the future of our drying planet involves understanding what makes natural systems thrive.


The Discovery and Rediscovery of Metabolic Rift (video)


The fat of the land: Estimating the ecological costs of overeating
Overeating wastes far more food than we throw away, suggests research


Research shows carbon sequestration potential of compost in California

Can biochar help cut livestock greenhouse gas emissions?


Capturing Carbon with Vegetables: Event teaches growers to ramp up carbon flow from air to soil


How Copenhagen plans to reach carbon-neutral status in just six years
Many cities are aiming for neutrality by 2030 or 2050.
The Danish capital plans to be the first carbon-neutral capital in the world and to hit the goal by 2025.

U of Wyoming study calculates carbon footprint from city operations


Carbon neutral app will help citizens to make environment friendly decisions


Manitoba forage growers tapped for carbon project
The national project is the next step toward the CFGA’s goal of having farmers paid for storing carbon


Is recycling collapsing in California? Advocates call on lawmakers to rescue it


Like charcoal, but made from organic waste
Biochar is one way that Minneapolis hopes to build a healthier and more cyclical city ecosystem


Plastic-free shopping zone considered in bid to make Glasgow carbon neutral city


The Rise of Regenerative Agriculture in Colorado
Regenerative agriculture—which aims to help heal the earth through restorative farming and ranching practices—is taking root in Colorado. But does it stand a chance against big ag?


Boston’s Eastie Farm Builds Community and Resilience on the Front Lines of Climate Change
Sprouting from a 3100-square-foot lot, the urban farm brings people together, feeds neighbors, and focuses on being climate-ready.


Los Angeles to build world’s largest wildlife bridge across 10-lane freeway
An $87m corridor will extend over Highway 101 to reconnect the ecosystem and possibly save

mountain lions from extinction


Producers could finally be responsible for packaging waste in Ontario


New Las Cruces urban garden helps backyard gardeners,2028


What price tag would you put on a walk in the woods?
Ecosystem services such as pollination and carbon storage are increasingly factored into land management decisions. But what about less tangible benefits?


Deniers deflated as climate reality hits home


The IPCC land-use report
Gloom from the climate-change front line
But not complete doom, if people behave sensibly


How Climate Change Could Trigger the Next Global Financial Crisis

The Federal Reserve should act aggressively to reduce that risk, a leading economic historian argues.