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The Campaign to Criminalize Ecocide


Beyond Biden’s Climate Plan, a New Industrial Revolution Is Needed

‘Total Devastation’ as Hurricane Ian Tears Through Florida

“Always remember that climate breakdown is only getting started,” said one climate scientist. “It will keep getting worse so long as the fossil fuel industry exists. Cause, effect.”

Hurricane Ian is no anomaly. The climate crisis is making storms more powerful

Michael E Mann and Susan Joy Hassol

Ian is one of the five worst hurricanes in America’s recorded history. That’s not a fluke – it’s a tragic taste of things to come


How Profit Inflation Made Your Groceries So Damn Expensive

Patagonia Chair: ‘We are turning capitalism on its head by making the Earth our only shareholder’

Isn’t It Time to Challenge the Perpetual Growth Paradigm?

The planet is running out of resources, and humanity is living beyond its means.

Putting a price on water: Can commodification resolve a world water crisis?

Critics fear that creating a water market is a first step toward a future in which just a few companies will be able to charge market rents for what should be a free natural resource. Huge questions remain over water allocations for industry, agribusiness and smallholders, cities, and traditional and Indigenous peoples.

Bold action for resilient food systems? End the failing Green Revolution


Grapes, berries and robots: is Silicon Valley coming for farm workers jobs?]


Small conservation areas provide large benefits for biodiversity

  Many small patches, with the same total area as a few large areas, are less likely to see a complete local loss of a species.

  Such small conservation areas are extra important near urban areas, and are also of great benefit to people living in those areas, a new op-ed explains.

Electricity-driven water purification method may extend to saltier waters


Will King Charles be as green as Prince Charles?


Farming v rewilding: the battle for Borrowdale in the Lake District


European Declaration on Paper Recycling 2021-2030


With better standards, we could make plastics endlessly useful – and slash waste. Here’s how


A Conversation With Nature Energy’s Alexis Glick On The Future Of Stakeholder Capitalism + The CEO Strategic Imperative Of Carbon Neutrality In The Battle Against Climate Change–the-ceo-strategic-imperative-of-carbon-neutrality-in-the-battle-against-climate-change/


Regenerative Agriculture for Health and Sustainability

Nurturing healthy soil is essential to long-term success and food security


Are China’s pledges to green its Belt and Road Initiative the real deal?

Some are skeptical of claims the country’s massive global infrastructure program can be sustainable


Stamping out invasive species has successful track record on islands, study finds

  A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that efforts to remove invasive vertebrates from islands were 88% successful between 1872 and 2020.

  Invasive species can be particularly devastating to delicate island ecosystems and the unique native species they harbor.


Bio-based packaging companies say mushrooms and seaweed are the next alternatives to plastic


Soil health versus soil tilth: What’s the difference and why do they matter to farmers?


Revealed: rightwing US lobbyists help craft slew of anti-protest fossil fuel bills

Legislation drafted by Alec part of backlash against Indigenous communities and environmentalists opposing oil and gas projects


Tetra Pak India’s latest campaign focuses on climate change


Europe moves to protect deep-sea sites in Atlantic from bottom fishing


Threat Inflation, Russian Military Weakness, and the Resulting Nuclear Paradox: Implications of the War in Ukraine for U.S. Military Spending


‘It’s a pipe dream’: Green groups blast plastic makers’ recycling push 

The groups argue that the Break Free from Plastics Pollution Act would undermine their recycling efforts and disrupt critical supply chains.


Food Barons 2022:
Crisis Profiteering, Digitalization
and Shifting Power: Mapping corporate power in Big Food


Study identifies hundreds of hospitals on Atlantic and Gulf coasts at risk of flooding from hurricanes


The Nightmare of Military Spending on an Overheating Planet

A Big Carbon Bootprint and a Giant Sucking Sound in the National Budget



Western Arctic Ocean is acidifying four times faster than other oceans

Melting ice has increased how fast Arctic waters are absorbing carbon dioxide, making them more acidic faster. The change could disrupt entire marine ecosystems


How to tell if a wine was farmed with Roundup


‘This is what a river should look like’: Dutch rewilding project turns back the clock 500 years

Europe’s largest river restoration is making changes across the entire landscape, bringing benefits to wildlife and people


As Carbon Dioxide Grows More Abundant, Trees Are Growing Bigger


Electric vehicle charging stations get green light across US


Language barriers in conservation research could be hurting biodiversity efforts. What can be done about it?

Some researchers say that ignoring non-English papers could have disastrous consequences for conservation


Decade of defiance

Ten years of reporting land and environmental activism worldwide.

List of victims in 2021


‘Their Price Strategies Are Bearing Fruit’: Oil and Coal Profits Surge 340%

A leading economist urged policymakers to “address corporate profiteering as a driver of inflation by reining in megacorporations and addressing the unsustainably high prices facing families around the country.”

In Vietnam, farmers show a willingness to work with the elephant in the room

Some community members — those with lower incomes, farmers, and those who had experienced conflict — showed a greater willingness to support coexistence measures.

Lanternfish, the Earth’s most abundant vertebrates, may be the ultimate food source. But will catching them ruin the climate?


The Chaos Machine: The Inside Story of How Social Media Rewired Our Minds and Our World

Voluntary Guideline on Second-hand & Preloved Items