California Climate StrategyCalifornia Climate Strategy

An Integrated Plan for Addressing Climate Change


New study finds incredibly high carbon pollution costs – especially for the US and India

As a wealthy, warm country, the US would benefit from implementing

a carbon tax to slow global warming


Country-level social cost of carbon


Bill to Help Farmers Fight Climate Change Signed by the Governor


Facts About Carbon


Welcome to the”4 per 1000″ Initiative

The aim of the initiative is to demonstrate that agriculture, and in particular agricultural soils can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned.


Root Solutions

Nonprofit lender Root Capital connects rural farmers and artisans with the corporations that crave their products


The Community Alliance for Agroecology works  alongside the most impacted communities of the San Joaquin Valley to address the environmental injustices perpetuated by the food and farming system and to create solutions that foster ecological balance, public health, and economic equality in the region.


If you eat, you are an investor

Specialty food producer creating unique products from regional foods CSA for families and institutions to buy 100% local, seasonal food direct from 40+ small, family farms. Click below to read more about how this investment happened.

SymbioticEconomy, new sustainable & regenerative model

Symbiosis is a phenomenon that is both one of the most powerful and the most subtle of all life mechanisms. A loop of sources and ressources born out of synergies, it is the intimate connection that nourishes all parts, while belonging to neither one or the other, and to all at the same time




Carbon Farm Planning

Carbon Farm Planning takes a deep look into what your conservation goals are to customize a plan for you and your working land. Reading the land as a feedback loop empowers the landowner to adapt and adjust to the response of the land to meet the stated objectives.


Pig feces and coal ash a serious concern

in North Carolina floods



A new book explores how, for decades, businesses of all sizes

have been burying hazardous waste all over cities.


The planned national waste policy won’t deliver a truly circular economy


Florence sparks pollution fears after excrement-filled ‘hog lagoons’ overflow

Pig waste pits and toxic coal ash pose threat to rivers and homes in North and South Carolina


Like Hurricane Florence, Climate Policy Has Dangerously Stalled


Florence: A Preview of Our Climate Future


Agriculture Has a Sustainability Problem–and It Affects Your Business. Here’s Why

The way you connect to other companies and industries is a web bigger than you ever imagined.

Regenerative agriculture, which involves techniques such as not tilling the soil and maintaining

a diverse range of crops without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, is winning a lot of attention in the discussion.


‘Dirt to Soil’ chronicles a soil health pioneer’s journey

to regenerative agriculture


Farm goes from conventional to regenerative


Microplastics can spread via flying insects, research shows

‘Shocking’ study reveals plastic contaminates our skies as well as the oceans, say scientists


Up and away: ontogenic transference as a pathway for aerial dispersal of microplastics


U.N. Secretary-General’s remarks on Climate Change

[as delivered]


Climate model shows large-scale wind and solar farms in the Sahara increase rain and vegetation


Why are positive climate feedbacks so negative?


Climate Change Made Florence a Monster — but Media Failed to Tell That Story


Nasa launches satellite to precisely track how Earth’s ice is melting

The $1bn, decade-in-the-making creation can measure height

and thickness of ice sheets to within a centimeter


World Celebrates as Exxon Joins Oil’s Biggest Greenwash Group


Here’s What Agriculture of the Future Looks Like: The Multiple Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture Quantified


Valuing the Ecosystem Service Benefits from Regenerative Agriculture Practices


Farms can grow more and slow climate change

New ways of digging the dirt could both deliver more food

and slow climate change.

And farmers in the developing world are making a difference.


“Everybody Should Be a Farmer,” Says Paul Willis


Meet the Modern Farmer: Beth Foose, Little Bluestem Farm

When a batch of wildflowers popped up on the Foose’s wooded acreage in southern Mississippi, Beth Foose, an Episcopal priest and farmer, saw it as a sign.


Scientists uncover what makes deep soil either a carbon sink or source



As the world weighs strategies for keeping climate change in check, more and more countries, communities and businesses are embedding the cost of carbon into the goods and services that produce it.




In Policy and Practice, California Is Showing Up Our President


Trump rolls back pollution rules for drilling on US lands




Dear Carolinas: You can’t Outlaw Storm Surges & Climate Crisis; Physics isn’t Interested in Your Laws


Pollution Fears: Swollen Rivers Swamp Ash Dumps, Hog Farms


As the Biosphere Dies, So Do We: Using the Power of Nature to Heal the Planet


We’re an organization with global impact promoting biodiversity, eco-restoration, regenerative agriculture, self-sufficient communities, justice, and paths to a livable climate.


“Only A Matter of Time” Before Category 6 Hurricane Hits U.S.


Low-Carbon Growth Is a $26 Trillion Opportunity. Here Are 4 Ways to Seize It.


Farm Bill: House proposal could wipe out communities’ power to prohibit pesticides

58 of those communities have adopted more comprehensive policies that prohibit the use of glyphosate


Higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere don’t just mean a warmer world:  they could also mean both shrunken harvests and a less nourishing diet.


Carbon removal from the atmosphere cannot match reducing emissions of greenhouse gases as a way of slowing global warming, US analysts say.


Designing greener streets starts with finding room for bicycles and tree


BPA replacements aren’t safe either, study finds


If BPA is so terrible, why is everybody still drinking beer and pop out of BPA lined cans?


Monsanto’s global weedkiller harms honeybees, research finds

Glyphosate – the most used pesticide ever – damages the good bacteria in honeybee guts, making them more prone to deadly infections


Deforestation-linked palm oil still finding its way into top consumer brands: report


Nestle using satellites to monitor palm oil plantations for deforestation


17 Bipartisan Governors Vow to Fight Climate Change—And President Trump

The group, whose states represent half of U.S. GDP, pledged $1.4 billion to support electric cars, plus a new set of policies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.


Uncontacted tribes at risk amid ‘worrying’ surge in Amazon deforestation


From bottles to bike lanes: the first PlasticRoad opens in the Netherlands


In Policy and Practice, California Is Showing Up Our President


Trump rolls back pollution rules for drilling on US lands


“Only A Matter of Time” Before Category 6 Hurricane Hits U.S.



The White House wants to clear the way for frackers to release more methane, which poisons communities and torches the climate.


Central American Women Are Fighting Extractive Industries on their Land—and Winning

The battle to stop the spread of extractive industries pits indigenous and peasant communities against powerful business interests,

backed up by politicians who encourage the foreign investments that convert millennial ways of life into cash—for them


World ‘nowhere near on track’ to avoid warming beyond 1.5C target

Exclusive: Author of key UN climate report says limiting temperature rise would require enormous, immediate transformation in human activity


Deforestation-linked palm oil still finding its way into top consumer brands: report

– A new report by Greenpeace finds that palm oil suppliers to the world’s largest brands have cleared more than 1,300 square kilometers

(500 square miles) of rainforest — an area the size of the city of Los Angeles — since the end of 2015.

New Endangered Species Refuge Designated in Ghana


Scientists urge world leaders to scale up ambitions to protect global biodiversity


Is being vegan better for the environment? (video)


While economic growth continues we’ll never kick our fossil fuels habit

by George Monbiot

There may be more bicycles but there will also be more planes. We’re still in denial about the scale of the threat to the planet


‘Predatory agribusiness’ likely to gain more power in Brazil election: report


Brazilian Artists and Intellectuals Warn of Impending Dictatorship


Colorado MRF to sort single-use coffee cups


“A Never-Ending Commitment”: The High Cost of Preserving Vulnerable Beaches

In the wake of hurricanes like Florence, the U.S. government pays to dump truckloads of sand onto eroding beaches, in a cycle that is said to harm ecosystems and disproportionately benefit the rich.


A new group is naming and shaming the people bankrolling climate change denial.

Fracking Chemicals Dumped in Allegheny River a Decade Ago Entered Food Chain

Naomi Klein: A Year After Hurricane Maria, There Is Nothing Natural About Puerto Rico’s Disaster

Fossil fuel divestment debates on campus spotlight the societal role of colleges and universities