Al Gore promotes carbon markets, regenerative agriculture at D.C. conference

How to support your children in turning climate angst into climate action


Greta Thunberg’s speech at UK climate strike (video, 5 minutes)


Soil matters: Climate activists in our midst 

The regenerative agriculture movement is alive and well in Pemberton and beyond

The Shift Project, a Paris-based think-tank on energy transition, 

is dedicated to tackling the decisive and delicate issues needed to make this transition a success. The exponential development of digital technology, and the way in which this development can interact with the decarbonization objectives of our societies, is one of the most important of these issues 

New Hydrogen Auto Fleet for South Tyrol (Italy)

I’ve seriously tried to believe capitalism and the planet can coexist, but I’ve lost faith

Robyn O’Brien: Following the ‘North Star’ in Food Systems Transformation

Thousands Of People Are Growing ‘Climate Victory Gardens’

Meat that heals the planet
As with meat, growing plants can be extractive or regenerative. Most of the soybeans that go to make plant-based meat alternatives grow in monocultures where soil erosion and nutrient runoff are common. Thousands of hectares of rainforest, prairie and wetland ecosystems — important biodiversity hotspots — are cleared each year for soybean fields.

The five principles of soil health

Two States are Leading a Cover Crop Revival
Farmers in Maryland and Iowa are investing in crops that improve water quality, soil health, and build resiliency in the face of climate change.

Approach to climate conversation needs to change

Partners track organic-land value

Johnson urged to set out firm plans for UK’s net-zero carbon target
Campaigners call on PM to ‘show UK is ready to do what it takes’ before COP 26 summit

When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada’s leaders have reached a new low | Bill McKibben

In a 94-page document entitled “Querida Amazonia” (Dear Amazon), Pope Francis has made an impassioned plea for world leaders, transnational companies, and people everywhere to step up and protect the Amazon rainforest along with the indigenous people who live there and are its best stewards.

The Necessity of a New Green Federal Theatre Project

Signed Away: How Exxon’s exploitative deal deprived Guyana of up to US$55 billion

Fracking Ban or Climate Chaos? 


Decolonization Is Essential to Successfully Resist Extractivism


Landmark Win in ‘Fight for Habitable Future’ as Jury Refuses to Convict Climate Activists Who Presented Necessity Defense

“When citizens are told the truth about the climate crisis—which is the first of Extinction Rebellion’s demands—they take appropriate and responsible action, as our jury did, and we thank them.”


A Midwestern farmers’ network is trying to save our soils, one field at a time.

America’s ‘recycled’ plastic waste is clogging landfills, survey finds Many facilities lack the ability to process ‘mixed plastics’, a category of waste that has virtually no market as new products 

Circular Claims Fall Flat: Comprehensive U.S. Survey of Plastics Recyclability

World shifting to net zero emissions

Measuring our impact on the planet

The eco gender gap: why is saving the planet seen as women’s work?
From soap to reusable cutlery, green products are overwhelmingly marketed to and bought by women. Does this discourage men from taking responsibility?

“A cow is really this, you can think of it as this compost vat … in a brittle environment, it’s this perfect depositor of compost and life back into the soil. If managed properly, their hooves can break the capping of the soil, their dung and urine add nutrients and, literally, biology back into the soil, and then it becomes that fertile ground for new life to come,” said Abbey Smith, a cattle rancher in the Northern Sierra. 

Managing Cattle To Mitigate Climate Change

Opinion | There’s a Solution to the Fight Over Clean Water—and Trump’s Rule Isn’t It

One year ago, I worked with a group of Australian environmental activists, discussing their diverse projects in regenerative agriculture, as well as other pilot projects. One involved turning Canberra into the first green-energy city. Now, 12 months later, Canberra is in flames. One of my colleagues has lost his home. He posts about what it’s like to live with the heat, dust and risk of fires spreading. At this writing, his city is on alert for out-of-control blazes and possible evacuation orders.

Polluter’s Paradise: How Louisiana Lawmakers Stop Residents’ Efforts to Fight Big Oil and Gas
Louisiana has pioneered ways for other states to discourage environmental protests around “critical infrastructure” projects. Much of it can be traced back to efforts by corporate lobbyists.

Ohio anti-protest bill could criminalize support for pipeline demonstrations

Climate change driving ‘rapid and widespread’ decline of bumblebees

An Elder Statesman of Sustainable Ag Looks to the ‘Regenerative Generation’
Organic pioneer and farmer Fred Kirschenmann is hopeful for the future of food, but time is of the essence.

Soil carbon is a valuable resource, but all soil carbon is not created equal

Dr. Bronner’s-backed cannabis certification comes to Oregon

Planting A Trillion Trees Is A Worthwhile Undertaking. And Not Remotely Enough

Easy Carbon Sequestration You Can Do Yourself

Recent responses to climate change reveal the drivers of species extinction and survival

Trump’s Border Wall is an Ecologist’s Nightmare
Blowing up mountains, bulldozing sacred sites, guzzling groundwater 

— the wall is turning border ecosystems into a grim dystopia.

Economists, conservationists, political leaders urge adoption of carbon tax to halt tropical deforestation

Dry February sends California back to drought: ‘This hasn’t happened in 150 years’

Earthjustice Sues DOD for ‘Short-sighted and Illegal’ Incineration of PFAS in Communities Across Country

‘Bee-washing’ hurts bees and misleads consumers

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Was a Cover-Up, Not a Cleanup

Methane emissions from fossil fuels ‘severely underestimated’

Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act debuts in Congress, instigating packaging EPR debate

Consumers May Be Wasting Twice as Much Food as Previously Thought

Side-Stepping Climate Change, Trump Touts Trillion Trees Plan

Pesticides Are Killing Off the Andean Condor

‘Parasite’ Is a Class-Conscious Climate Parable

Coal soot found in Himalayas

Scientists’ warning to humanity on insect extinctions

New climate change plans from conservatives are neither conservative nor climate plans

Fossil Fuels Divestment Continues Georgetown’s Commitment to Sustainability

How California’s recycling culture may have inadvertently made us even more wasteful


Climate change and coronaviruses: a warming world encourages the emergence and spread of new infectious diseases |
South China Morning Post

Majority of US Adults Believe Climate Change Is Most Important Issue Today

A Comprehensive New Federal Roadmap for Climate Action on Farms
U.S. Representative Chellie Pingree’s Agriculture Resilience Act would incentivize and support farmers to address the climate crisis in the face of USDA inaction.

Carbon Neutral by 2050? Here’s Exactly What It Would Take
It’s hardly impossible. It just means we have to get to work…now.

CN2050: where does agriculture stand?

Carbon taxes could make significant dent in climate change, study find
Several different carbon-pricing approaches would help reduce emissions, and some would be fair as well, researchers report.

Danone’s €2bn climate-smart innovation investment: 

‘Our brands will be stronger if climate is an ally, not an enemy’
French dairy-to-waters giant Danone has unveiled plans to
invest €2bn in climate smart innovation between 2020 and 2022.

The landscape of farmland, pastures, ranges, and forest could sequester carbon on a massive scale by 2030. Here’s the math.


Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Climate? Yes. Here’s Why

Beyond Organic: The Winemakers Leading a Sustainable Revolution