World’s first plastic-free aisle opens in Netherlands supermarket

Campaigners hail progress as Amsterdam store offers dedicated aisle of more than 700 products, with plans for a national roll-out

The first plastic-free aisle comes amid growing concern about the damage from plastic waste, with figures showing UK supermarkets are a major source.

Shoppers in the Netherlands will get the chance to visit Europe’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle on Wednesday in what campaigners claim is a turning point in the war on plastic pollution.


Systemic thinking is vital to tackle today’s non-linear challenges


Combat climate change effects, go organic

Organic farming and permaculture have the potential to help India’s farmers adapt to climate change by making crops hardier and by restoring soil and water health


No-Till Farmers’ Push for Healthy Soils Ignites a Movement in the Plains

No-till farming started as a way to keep costs down for conventional farmers in danger of losing their land.

Now it has become a subculture and a way of life for outsider farmers all over rural America.


All-electric ferry cuts emission by 95% and costs by 80%, brings in 53 additional orders


The market has spoken – clean energy just became the cheapest source of electricity


Renewables make 18% of US electricity & impel job growth


Epistle to the Ecotopians

By Ernest Callenbach


First U.S. City to Ban Fossil Fuel Expansion Offers Roadmap for Others

Portland, Ore., climate activists celebrate a win against Big Oil as city- and state-level initiatives gain momentum across the country.


Humans need to become smarter thinkers to beat climate denial

A new paper shows that climate myths consistently fail critical thinking tests


Spinning Science & Silencing Scientists:
A Case Study in How the Chemical Industry Attempts to Influence Science


Common insects face growing problems

The Earth’s largest animal group faces a new threat. Insects – not just rare species,

but common insects too – may become less genetically diverse.


What Happens When One Of The World’s Biggest Cities Doesn’t Recycle

In Shanghai, an army of secret recyclers has been credited

with keeping mountains of trash out of the city’s landfills.


As the Trump administration retreats on climate change,

US cities are moving forward


We Are Drowning In Plastic, and Fracking Companies Are Profiting


More reflectivity can cool the world


Scientists Warn: February Melting Near North Pole “Really Extreme”


Ultra-processed foods may be linked to cancer, says study

Findings suggest increased consumption of ultra-processed foods tied to rise in cancers,

but scientists say more research is needed


Millions Protest over Brazilian Regulation to Allow Genetic Extinction Technology


The Precautionary Principle Asks

“How Much Harm Is Avoidable?”

Rather Than “How Much Harm Is Acceptable?”


Pro-GMO Researchers Attempt to Use Anti-Russian Sentiment to Attack Media

An update of the Worldwide Integrated Assessment (WIA) on systemic insecticides. Part 3: alternatives to systemic insecticides

Dicamba Drift Could Put 60 Million Acres of Monarch Habitat at Risk


For Failing to Act on Climate Crisis, 13 Young Plaintiffs

Just Sued the State of Washington

“This is my state government’s chance to rise up and take responsibility for their actions,”

says 17-year-old Aji Piper.


We Are Drowning In Plastic, and Fracking Companies Are Profiting

Plastic production wreaks havoc on people and the planet—from fracking wells and pipelines in Pennsylvania, to air pollution from plastic plants in Scotland.


Game over for coal…


Petroleum industry okay with OK quakes as side benefit to poisoning people and planet


Trumpasoreass Rex wants to burn up as many dead dinosaurs as possible to rid the world of those scary sharks


A new study says climate change has put polar bears closer to starvation than previously believed


The Ultimate Blowback Universe

A Planet Boiling With Unintended Consequences


Dahr Jamail | “Do We Really Need to Fly?”:

Meet the Climate Scientists Walking Their Talk


WMO Confirms Three Warmest Years on Record, Ocean Temperatures at Record Levels


Climate effects strike US military bases


Why Are More Cities Divesting From Big Oil?

It’s Moral—and Practical.

Direct divestments and lawsuits that began on the West Coast are spreading,

with New York the latest city to pull its funding out of oil and coal.


Before the US approves new uranium mining, consider its toxic legacy


Nuclear waste mountains just go on growing

Some politicians still claim atomic energy is the answer to climate change while

leaving the problem of nuclear waste to our descendants.


German Court Lets Cities Ban Diesel Cars


‘Truly Wicked’: Trump EPA Dissolves Program

That Studies Effects of Chemical Exposure on Children

“Finally America’s children will be allowed to choke on the freedom of a lighter regulatory burden.”


The four stages of sustainable transformation


Plastic – What can we do about it?

Organic purists hatching an auxiliary certification label


Noble Research Institute creates soil health marketplace

Goal is to reward farmers and ranchers for protecting the environment.