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3 little-known reasons why plastic recycling could actually make things worse


High Flyers 2023: How Ultra-Rich Private Jet Travel Costs the Rest of Us and Burns Up the Planet

Private jets emit at least 10 times more pollutants than commercial planes per passenger.


Fossil Fuels Consumption Subsidies 2022

This report provides our first estimates for 2022, which show that global fossil fuel consumption subsidies doubled from the previous year to an all-time high of USD 1 trillion.


Will There Ever Be a Criminal Trial for the People Wilfully Destroying Life on Earth?

Fossil fuel executives have funded a massive, 50-year-long campaign to lie to the American people, cloud the science, and buy off Republican politicians. Untold millions will die and suffer as a result, but will their ever be one iota of accountability?


Colombian farmers turn deforested land into sustainable Amazonian farms


Solar baking: How the sun is helping to reduce the cost of bread in Lebanon


Environmentalists Seek End to Plastic Industry “Hoax”

“Chemical recycling” pollutes air and climate, they say—and isn’t even recycling.


‘End of the fossil age’: Wind and solar broke energy records last year, report reveals


A Philippine town and its leaders show how mangrove restoration can succeed


The Link Between Highly Processed Foods and Brain Health

Eating packaged foods like cereal and frozen meals has been associated with anxiety, depression and cognitive decline. Scientists are still piecing together why.


Denial Doesn’t Change Our Climate Reality: Earth Is Becoming a Sacrifice Zone

Communities that have contributed little to the climate crisis are bearing its brunt — but nowhere on Earth is safe.


‘Very Bad News Indeed’: Study Sounds Alarm on Threat of Deep Ocean Current Collapse

“It’s something that is a concern because it touches on so many aspects of the Earth, including climate, sea level, and marine life,” said one oceanographer.


The Water Brokers

A small Nevada company spent decades buying water. As the West dries up, it’s cashing out.

Pipe dreams: Why far-fetched Western water projects won’t go away


Can Farming with Trees Save the Food System?

Unprecedented funding is flowing into a broad range of agroforestry practices, which can pull carbon out of the atmosphere and build farm resilience as the climate changes.


Focus on Agriculture: Managing food waste at home and on the farm


Food prices are rising but farmers’ profits are still small – here’s why


Farmlink group aims to keep food out of the landfill and get it to people who need it

“What we realized we could provide was this missing link.”


Good Natured Products introduces compostable takeout containers

The company’s line of GoodToGo products is heat resistant and made with 97 percent plant-based materials.  Good Natured Products Inc., Vancouver, has launched its GoodToGo microwavable collection of Compost Manufacturing Alliance-certified compostable


Conservation Comment: Composting a solution to the problem of food waste


Schenectady Community Compost program to recycle Zoller Elementary food scraps


Cullinan local puts milk cartons to good use

Upcycling milk cartons as insulation.


Realizing the power of bokashi and microorganisms in farming


Overlooked and underfoot, mosses play a mighty role for climate and soil

It’s easy to miss the mosses, the ubiquitous green, silver and brown carpets that drape across nature’s surfaces, from forest to fen. It’s also easy to underestimate just how big a role these small but mighty organisms play in maintaining ecosystems and countering climate change.


World Plastic pollution and flood risk

218 million people are at high risk of plastic-aggravated
flooding worldwide*.
This represents 3% of the global population, equivalent to the
populations of the UK, France and Germany combined.
Of these, 41 million are infants, elderly people or people with
disabilities who are at particularly high risk of severe health