On December 5
th,we celebrated World Soil Day, and this year we have one more reason to do so: the EU soil strategy. A document by the European Commission might not sound like a game changer, but it has the potential to be one. With a combination of new voluntary and legally binding measures, the strategy sets out concrete measures for protecting, restoring and sustainably using soils.



122 Organizations Transforming Food Systems in 2022



Our Best Food Access Stories of 2021
As the pandemic continued to upend the food system and the economy, we
continued to report on its impacts—and solutions for access to healthier
food for all.

Our Best Climate Stories of 2021
We are already seeing significant impacts from climate change across our
food system. Our reporting focused on efforts to adapt to a changing
climate and the difficult decisions that lay ahead.


Can 2022 mark the end of the Anthropocene?

[Podcast] Connecting Soil Health to Human Health with Rick Clark



On my 2022 wishlist: Verified regenerative agriculture outcomes



Conservation and food production must work in tandem, new study says



Radioactive contamination is creeping into drinking water around the U.S.

As mining, fracking and other activities increase the levels of harmful isotopes in water supplies, health advocates call for tighter controls.



Trees are important for cleaner air in cities



NYC Is on the Cusp of Making Its Food Purchasing Sustainable. It Won’t Be Easy.

New York has adopted the Good Food Purchasing Program to steer the $500 million its agencies spend on institutional food—for schools, seniors, hospitals, and more—toward local, just, equitable solutions. But the city has a long road ahead.



Primark, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Respond to Criticism of Circular Jeans



Big Oil’s Secret Strategy to Keep Winning



No Accounting: How Two UMass Amherst Scientists are Balancing the Planet’s Natural Carbon Budget 

New research is first to pin down the mechanics of CO2 fluxes in rivers and streams 



Scientists urge creating strategic forest reserves to mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity 



Healthy soil is the backbone to food safety 



Soil support: Experts say regenerative agriculture makes economic, environmental sense



Top 50 Green Colleges | The Princeton Review



New Smart-Roof Coating Enables Year-Round Energy Savings



Warmer winters can wreak as much havoc as hotter summers, say scientists.
Warmer winters are happening across the globe, and can be drivers of catastrophic weather events and profound changes.


Perovskite solar cell with ultra-long stability



This Mission-Led Business Is Finding Climate Solutions With Lentils, Peas, and Beans



The surprisingly inexpensive cost of state-driven emission control strategies



Scientists urge creating strategic forest reserves to mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity



Mapping Marine Microplastics


Microplastic pollution aids antibiotic resistance

Engineers at Rice lead study of how polystyrene contributes to crisis



Glass, Plastic, Or PLA? Dairies Struggle to Replace Single-Use Bottles

As plastic pollution soars, companies are trying to get their milk to consumers with the smallest environmental footprint possible.



$19 Million Research Project Seeks to Understand How Management Impacts Soil Health, Farmer Well-Being 



Melting of the Antarctic ice sheet could cause multi-meter rise in sea levels by the end of the millennium



Conservation and food production must work in tandem, new study says



Embracing a Wetter Future, the Dutch Turn to Floating Homes – Yale E360



Here’s the Fracking Truth About America’s Last Fossil-Fueled Hurrah

In order to recover the abundance of these fuels that the EIA claims will be there for the taking, between now and 2050 the industry will need to drill something on the order of 700,000 new wells at a total cost of over $5 trillion.



Unique Indigenous Maya food system blends cropping techniques in Guatemala



California tackles food waste with largest recycling program in US

Residents will be required to use green waste bins to dispose of food which municipalities will turn into compost or biogas



Learning a New Way of Farming: “There’s Never a Dull Moment”



KQED Newsroom Special: California’s Plastic Problem 

(video, 28 minutes)

In this KQED Newsroom special, “California’s Plastic Problem,” reporter Monica Lam looks at what this proliferation of plastic means and what California is doing to fight plastic pollution.



‘Seed Money’ Explores Monsanto’s Troubling Past and its Impact on the Future of Food

Author Bartow Elmore’s new book examines how the company’s tactics are ‘tearing apart parts of the fabric of society,’ harming farm communities, and reshaping the food system.



The pandemic is a warning: we must take care of the earth, our only home

The climate crisis resembles a huge planetary lockdown, trapping humanity within an ever-deteriorating environment.


Happy Family Organics Goes Regenerative Supporting Farms In The US and Abroad


Who’s willing to change for climate change?