Amazon DeforestationStatistic of the decade: The massive deforestation of the Amazon

Greta Thunberg named Time magazine’s person of the year
Teen activist lauded by magazine for starting an environmental campaign which became a global movement

Brazil’s president calls Greta Thunberg a ‘brat’

Politicians not markets slow new energy dawn.
It is politicians, not economists, who stand in the way of wider adoption of cheap renewable energies across the world.

I didn’t buy any food for a year – and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been

Farm State Voters See Soil as a Solution to Agriculture’s Woes – Union of Concerned Scientists

People Have A Fundamental Right To Be Protected From Climate Change, A Landmark Court Ruling Says
The Dutch Supreme Court’s decision could have huge repercussions for how other countries tackle rising emissions.

These were your favorite New Food Economy stories this year—plus the ones we loved best

This New Food Label Will Mainstream Whole Foods’ Biggest Trend For 2020

Electric trucks may be the future, but waste and recycling market still charging up
Looking to move away from diesel and meet climate
goals, a growing number of service providers are in the process of
testing out models from coast to coast.

If aircraft can copy the way geese fly, they will save fuel
One plane rides on another’s wake

Does capitalism need a radical redesign to become more inclusive?
Designer Nina Montgomery offers up three innovation challenges for leaders who say they want to broaden the purpose of business.

How our thinking changed in 2019: recycling and plastics

We must take a stand now for ending the structural violence associated with our climate catastrophe.
Joan Halifax at a rally on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. on December 20, 2019

The ocean plastic we see is ‘the tip of the iceberg’. 

Where’s the other 99%?

Food at risk as third of plants face extinction

The climate crisis poses a threat unlike any in human history. It’s a catastrophe of our own creation—but it doesn’t have to end this way.
We can change course.‬ (4:16 minutes)
Andrew Romanoff campaign pitch

Helping the next generation of farmers emerge

Looking Forward: Top Food and Agriculture Stories for 2020

Sustainable agroecosystems: Regenerative grazing and cropping

Mitigating climate change through organic agriculture

5 simple steps for soil-friendly eating

Why You Need to Know About Regenerative Agriculture
Why companies as diverse as Patagonia and General Mills are suddenly focused on getting dirty

Fossil Fuel Giants Claim To Support Climate Science, Yet Still Fund Denial – Fourteen oil and gas companies are funding a website that attacks scientists and undermines their work.

Denmark Strikes Deal to Slash CO2 Emissions by 70% in a Decade

France bans two US pesticides, citing risk to bees

COP25 reaction: ‘We got two weeks of blocking from big polluters’ Negotiator says divide between those inside and outside the talks has never been so large

Pollution and Health Metrics

Our Final Exam in Madrid (COP25)
“Why are we hauling giant container shiploads of Christmas decorations from Vietnam to England? Don’t the English know how to make decorations?”

Savoring What Remains in an Age of Climate PTSD
Vast numbers of climate scientists are now grieving for the planet
and humanity’s future, with some even describing their symptoms as a climate-change version of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.


Arctic sea ice cover falls to ‘alarming’ low as temperatures rise
Change affects more than 70 indigenous communities around the Bering Sea

“Market Solutions” Won’t Bring Climate Justice. Eco-Feminism Is the Alternative.

Is Growth Passé? by Joseph E. Stiglitz – Project Syndicate

Climate policy should reflect the resilience of northern Indigenous communities

COP25: No deal on UN carbon markets as a number of countries reject loopholes

Carbon farming is a step in the right direction

Community-Led Efforts to Ban Glyphosate in Public Spaces Pick up Speed
Buoyed by scientific and public concern, hundreds of communities around the country are banning the herbicide’s use and working toward organic lawn management.

From disappearing kelp to mosquito-murdering fungi, a 2020 look at emerging biodiversity and conservation issues

If aircraft can copy the way geese fly, they will save fuel
One plane rides on another’s wake

A scientist draws parallels between racism and the way coyotes are treated in the U.S.
Seeing himself in the science ecologist Christopher Schell believes that tapping into who he is as a person makes his research better.

South Africa calls for robust multilateral response to climate change

At UN Climate Conference U.S. Growers Defend Large-Scale Farming

Environment minister outlines Canada’s climate change priorities
Commits to come forward with legislation that commits Canada to a net-zero goal

Beyond organic: Carbon farming is a pathway to climate stabilization and resilient soils

Scientific Breakthrough Could Upend Lithium Market

Food Ethics: The Rise of the Circular Economy

‘The Bold Approach We Need’: New Booker Ag Bill Includes First-Ever National Factory Farm Moratorium

The Double Burden of Malnutrition
This four paper Series explores how this coexistence is affecting
low-income and middle-income countries. Malnutrition in its many forms has previously been understood and approached as a separate public health issue, but the new emergent reality is that undernutrition and overnutrition are interconnected and, therefore, double-duty actions that simultaneously address more than one dimension must be implemented
for policy solutions to be effective. In addition to policy
recommendations, the Series includes a focus on both historical and biological contexts, and new economic analysis.

Australia weather: records forecast to be broken as heatwave temperatures surge past 40C
Oodnadatta and Port Augusta forecast to reach 48C and Sydney’s western suburbs to hit 45C

Rainwater in parts of US contain high levels of PFAS chemical, says study
Levels high enough to potentially impact human health and trigger regulatory action, which only targets two of 4,700 variants

The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) monitors precipitation chemistry.
The program is a cooperative effort between many different groups,
including federal, state, tribal and local governmental agencies, educational
institutions, private companies, and non-governmental agencies.

Finding our Common Ground (podcast, 53 minutes)
To transcend infighting in the food movement, finding our common ground is as important as targeting our common enemy. The food movement is amazingly diverse. From personal health and animal rights to protecting worker’s rights and precious ecosystems, our why’s for wanting to radically transform our food system widely differ. So do our tactics and our strategies.  That diversity may just be the food movement’s greatest strength, yet it also risks being its biggest weakness.
Infighting is as invasive as it is destructive. The ‘circling fire squad’ – where people with common enemies choose to shoot one another instead – is deeply counterproductive.

‘We Need Total System Change’ (Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Associtaion)

Oregon Believes Drones, Blockchain Can Better Support Ag
An entrepreneur from Eugene, Ore., claims that drone imaging and  blockchain technology can hold farmers accountable for sustainable farming. Currently, there is no government agency that oversees farm branding.

Black Farmers Embrace Practices of Climate Resiliency

Sustainable Business: Serving a Worthy Purpose
How and why companies are working towards sustainability

Focus on soil health helps transform ‘ranch from hell’
A South Dakota couple turned their ranch around by focusing on the land instead of the cattle.

Climate Finance 2020: Leaders and laggards in the race to net-zero

Warming Ocean Currents Affect Weather and Environment

Global patterns and dynamics of climate–groundwater interactions | Nature Climate Change

The sustainable development index: Ecological Economics
Measuring the ecological efficiency of human development in the anthropocene

Climate change risks of liquid natural gas

Fossil Fuel Knocks the Wind Out of Renewable Energy Movement in Ohio

‘The Bold Approach We Need’: New Booker Ag Bill Includes First-Ever National Factory Farm Moratorium

Black Farmers Embrace Practices of Climate Resiliency

Focus on soil health helps transform ‘ranch from hell’
A South Dakota couple turned their ranch around by focusing on the land instead of the cattle.

Climate Finance 2020: Leaders and laggards in the race to net-zero

Waste incinerator plan at quarry ‘totally unnecessary’

Our addiction to stuff: How Walmart enables us to destroy the planet


UK Plastics Pact update reveals where future challenges lie

Plastic supply chain calls for deposit mechanism

Waste-To-Energy is NOT Zero-waste

Australia bushfires: towns devastated and lives lost as blazes turn the sky red

Thousands shelter on beaches as fires rip through Victoria and New South Wales

Trump’s EPA Goes to Bat for Bayer as Company Fights $25 Million Verdict in Roundup Cancer Case

The time is now

Decades of denial have to end: 

we need radical climate leadership in 2020

Greta Thunberg Offers Advice to Young People, 

Dismisses Climate-Denying Politicians in BBC Radio Program

“Be an active democratic citizen…because democracy is not only on election day, it’s happening all the time.”