We don’t have enough organic farms. Why not?

Organic food sales in the U.S. doubled over the last decade, but organic farming hasn’t kept pace. That may change as farmers partner with brands.


This Sunday, the climate crisis.

Meet The Press TV Transcript

From December 30, 2018



Feeling Blue About Climate Change? You’re Not Alone

Union of Concerned Scientists

Regen Network Whitepaper

Regen Ledger is a platform that simultaneously serves as a true cost accounting

machine, an ecological data marketplace, a distributed computational

network, and a biospheric monitoring device.



Our Best Solutions-Focused Stories of 2018

From farming co-ops to heirloom grain projects and healthy food initiatives, we published dozens of stories this year featuring creative, innovative, and hopeful solutions.

The CRISPR Baby Scandal Gets Worse by the Day  The alleged creation of the world’s first gene-edited infants was full of technical errors and ethical blunders.  Here are the 15 most damning details.


Social Entrepreneurs Make It Easy For 2019

To Be Your First Carbon Neutral Year


Coal in, activists kept out at Katowice climate talks


In her UN address, 15 year old Greta Thurnberg calls for system change and jamming on the breaks on fossil fuel emissions.    


Fifteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg addressed the U.N. plenary last night in Katowice, Poland, condemning global inaction in the face of catastrophic climate change.


2018’s top 10 ocean news stories (commentary)



‘The Last Game’ to help unify world, combat polar warming

The Last Game is a United Nations initiative to draw global attention to climate change in the North Pole


We Need To Talk About Palm Oil

We eat it, clean our homes and bodies with it and even fuel our cars with it. But our insatiable demand for palm oil is wreaking havoc on the planet — and our climate.



Beer-brewing Trappist monks put faith in plants to reduce water waste

Monastery producing 10m litres a year invents plant-based recycling system

Fossil Fuels and Climate Denial Still Reign in Louisiana Despite Scientists’ Dire Warnings for the State


Why do we demolish buildings instead of deconstructing them for re-use?

Dismantling buildings piece by piece to preserve the reusable parts within keeps materials out of landfills and creates more jobs than demolition.


Book Review of “What The Health: The Startling Truth Behind the Foods We Eat”

by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, with Eunice Wong.


Satellite spies methane bubbling up from Arctic permafrost Radar instrument aboard a Japanese probe can spot signs of gas seeping from lakes that form as the ground thaws.


El Niño events will intensify under global warming After decades of uncertainty, it now seems clear that global warming will enhance both the amplitude and the frequency of climate phenomena known as eastern Pacific El Niño events, with widespread climatic consequences.



THE PAPER: Increased variability of eastern Pacific El Niño under greenhouse warming



Assessing the efficiency of changes in land use for mitigating climate change



Ten Ways 2018 Brought Us Closer to Climate Apocalypse


Global warming ‘pause’ never happened


India eyes farm forestry to reduce carbon footprint India plans to partner with the private sector in scaling up its agro-forestry efforts. This is, however, a controversial subject because environmental activists are against India allowing any private or corporate forestry projects on forest land



‘We see its value’: Ugandan communities benefiting from agroforestry



How Regenerative Agriculture Could Be Key to the Green New Deal Both the Green New Deal and the New Food Deal can reorient the basics— and put Americans, our democracy, and the earth on the path to health



Scientists identify vast underground ecosystem containing billions of micro-organisms Global team of scientists find ecosystem below earth that is twice the size of world’s oceans



‘Brutal news’: global carbon emissions jump to all-time high in 2018  Rapid cuts needed to protect billions of people from rising emissions due to increase in use of cars and coal  


An Ecosocialist Path to Limiting Global Temperature Rise to 1.5°C. An emergency plan to meet the climate emergency



Potential Democratic candidate aims to block Manchin from top environmental position Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington state, wants to block Joe Manchin from serving as top Democrat on energy committee



Creating a Sustainable Food Future A Menu of Solutions to Feed Nearly 10 Billion People by 2050



New Climate Guide Evaluates Best Organic Practices in Curbing Climate Change



An Economy That Does Not Consider Ecology Is Not Sustainable

As long as economics always takes precedence, ecology will inevitably come back to bite us in the ass

Global warming ‘pause’ never happened


How Investing In Regenerative Agriculture Can Help Stem Climate Change Profitably



Hemp Farming Legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill



Energy policy: Denmark sets the example

Copenhagen intends to become the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025.



Rightwing taskforce approves slate of anti-environment resolutions Alec, a group that links lobbyists with lawmakers, approved measures such as stripping tax benefits from electric vehicles



In the Face of Extinction, We Have a Moral Obligation



Companies blocked from using West Coast ports to export fossil fuels keep seeking workarounds



More states opt to phase out oil production



U.N. Chief Issues Dramatic Climate Appeal to World Leaders


The world’s largest cities account for 70 percent of carbon emissions today. But 27 of them , including Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and San Francisco, peaked their emissions as of 2017.


A carbon bomb in Papua: 7 takeaways from our investigation



This Radical Plan to Fund the ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work


Carbon Neutral Homes: Pie-In-The-Sky Dreams Or A Future Possibility?


Green New Deal: what is the progressive plan, and is it technically possible?

The idea, central to Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign, aims to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution – but lacks key political support



What is ‘green’ dry cleaning? A toxics expert explains



The Depressing Numbers Behind the GOP’s Climate Denialism


The Republican Party as Presently Constituted
Must Be Torn Down to Its Foundations.
The Planet Depends on It.

Our new environmental reality was not inevitable. It is, in many cases, the result of public policy.


‘This is our reality now.

Since Mr. Trump took office, his approach on the environment has been to neutralize the most rigorous Obama-era restrictions, nearly 80 of which have been blocked, delayed or targeted for repeal, according to an analysis of data by The New York Times.


Democrats Establish a New House ‘Climate Crisis’ Committee

But it will likely lack the broad powers favored by supporters of a Green New Deal.


Germany’s Electricity 38% Renewable in 2018, more than Coal for 1st Time


Duke University Begins Work on 10,000-Acre ‘Carbon Farm’ in Eastern N.C.