Questions “Too Puny” for Our Dire Circumstances

The unanswered question is whether we have the political will to do what is required to prevent Earth’s climate from spiraling out of control.

We take a look at the famous buckyball, which is a molecule of 60 carbon atoms. (video 9 ½ minutes)

Sanders hopes nation smitten by his mittens will back food charity push

  • Money-making opportunity to benefit Meals on Wheels

6% of Earth’s protected land is used to grow crops, study finds

  • Protected areas supposedly safeguard the planet’s vulnerable inhabitants – including 83% of its endangered species.
  • A new study reveals that cropland takes up 13.6% of the planet’s ice-free surface area and overlaps with 6% of its protected areas.
  • While some species are at home in agricultural fields, many are not – particularly the endangered species many protected areas were created to safeguard.
  • The study’s authors call for national and international sustainability goals to implement a more holistic, data-driven approach when it comes to improving food security and preserving habitat.

The Business Role in Creating a 21st-Century Social Contract 

The time is now for an overhaul of the social contract to address 21st-century realities and needs. A new social contract can deliver long-term value creation that enables economic security and mobility, is genuinely inclusive, and addresses challenges such as the transition to clean energy and the emergence of a digital world.

5 things you need to know about what Biden’s plan for a carbon market means for farmers

Humanity’s ‘ecological Ponzi scheme’ sets up bleak future, scientists warn

Amazonia’s future: Eden or degraded landscapes?

Researchers say “proforestation” policies protecting standing forest are most effective way to draw excess CO2 out of atmosphere. 

nangu – Growing a forest to call home

Consumer electronics have changed a lot in 20 years – systems for managing e-waste aren’t keeping up

Ocean Acidification is Transforming California Mussel Shells

As birth rates fall, animals prowl in our abandoned ‘ghost villages’

Human populations are set to decline in countries from Asia to Europe – and an unusual form of rewilding is taking place

Record number of billion-dollar disasters struck U.S. in 2020 | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Safer Materials in Food Packaging report 

Green Chemistry Packaging

Scientists develop a cheaper method that might help create fuels from plants

Plant Prefab Launches Its First Passive House LivingHomes with Net-Zero Capabilities

Combining solar energy and agriculture to mitigate climate change, assist rural communities

Bacteriophage has important role in agriculture and aquaculture

How Big Cardboard is handling the 2020 box boom

The supply chain industry is working hard to combat potential cardboard shortages with the pivot to more online shopping amid the pandemic

Op-Ed: Treat fossil fuels like nukes. Endorse a new nonproliferation treaty

A New Year’s Resolution: Climate Journalism to Match the Crisis

‘Great concern’ as study finds microplastics in human placentas

Why collaboration is the missing ingredient in food system reform

Nutrient Dense Food at Center of Health & Wellness Journey for Pocono Organics Founder

Report: Conservation Easements Yield Financial, Ecological Benefits

Digital tech helps farmers make money with carbon credits

In order to understand how digital technology will help farmers earn money from sequestering carbon in the soil, we take a look at two new projects in North America.

SilviaTerra wants to bring the benefits of carbon offsets to every landowner everywhere

The company has just raised $4.4 million from Marc Benioff and Union Square Ventures to do it

As Big Energy Gains, Can Europe’s Community Renewables Compete?

‘Everything looks so good’: Sam takes over his family farm at its prime

Let’s Talk Food: Lundberg’s food predictions for 2021

India’s Vasudha Swaraj boosts organic cotton farming



Packaging giant Mondi targets 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable products by 2025

As part of a new sustainability strategy which it claims is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of the world’s biggest packaging and paper companies has pledged to phase-out products that can’t be recycled, reused or composted.–reusable–recyclable-or-compostable-products-by-2025/

There’s Nothing Vegan About War

As more and more people rethink their consumption of animal products, it is inevitable that the world’s military forces will increasingly use veganism to appear progressive, trendy, and virtuous. My plea to my fellow vegans: don’t fall for it.

Turns Out That the Oil Industry Wasn’t Interested in the Arctic Refuge After All

The Trump administration’s Arctic Refuge oil lease auction was a total bust

Impeached twice, Trump leaves horrendous lasting environmental legacy.  

Indigenous agroforestry revives profitable palm trees and the Atlantic Forest

Slade Farms (Certified Organic)

Transplants – Seeds – Produce 

“Responsible Farming With Profitable Results

Seed Internship Program & Organic Seed Production Online Course

International Conference on Breeding and Seed Sector Innovations for Organic Food Systems

Increasing Snow Depth Prevents Wintertime Soils from Cooling during Warming Hiatus

One in three US rivers have changed color since 1984. Here’s what this means

Blue bodies of water in the United States are turning to jaundiced yellow and even greenish hues

European farmed salmon sector to use only deforestation-free Brazilian soy

Chomsky and Pollin: A Global Green New Deal Is the Only Way to Avert Disaster

Getting to Net Zero – and Even Net Negative – is Surprisingly Feasible, and Affordable

Vaccination Disarray Leaves Seniors Confused About When They Can Get a Shot

Scientists develop perovskite solar modules with greater size, power and stability

2020 Is Tied for the Hottest Year on Record, NASA Says

Up-trending farming and landscape disruptions threaten Paris climate agreement goals

With Fewer Resources, Rural America Tackles Vaccine Distribution Rural clinics face unique challenges in connecting perishable vaccines with residents who often live miles away.

Canadian First Nation deploys ROV in push for stronger marine protection

Dr. Peter Hotez: “Globalized Anti-Science Movement” Threatens Pandemic Response & Public Health

The Biden administration has vowed to increase the rate of vaccinations as COVID-19 continues to spread uncontrollably across the entire U.S., with 90,000 people predicted to die in the next four weeks. President Biden announced plans to acquire another 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech and is devising ways to allow retired nurses and doctors to administer vaccines. 

Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children’s Hospital and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, says the Trump administration’s lies and inaction around the pandemic laid the groundwork for the current explosion in cases. He also warns that a “globalized anti-science movement” has grown stronger in recent years, spreading dangerous disinformation and threatening the public health response to COVID-19.

 “It’s a killer, because now people are tying their political allegiance to not getting vaccinated, to not wearing marks, to not social distancing.”

MIT convenes influential industry leaders in the fight against climate change

Dizzying pace of Biden’s climate action sounds death knell for era of denialism

Turning food waste back into food