Climate Change

Banking on Climate?

Hundreds of workers defy Amazon rules to protest company’s climate failures
Employees ‘needed to stand up for what’s right’ despite policy barring workers from speaking about business

Danone North America Announces Partnership with rePlant Capital

Naomi Klein: Climate Solutions That Neglect Inequality Are Doomed to Fail

Ag Policy Must Value Independent Farmers Over Corporate Ag

California Can Be Carbon Neutral in 25 years—with Drastic Action
To meet its ambitious goal, the state will have to pull carbon from the
atmosphere and tackle emissions from agriculture and landfills, a new
report says

In Cuba, greener farming means cleaner rivers

Not Enough Funding for Climate Change Prevention Research, Study Says

The misallocation of climate research funding

Indigo Ag partners with Verra and Climate Action Reserve to measure soil carbon
Measuring soil carbon is key for farmers to be paid for sequestering carbon.

General Mills launches regenerative agriculture pilot with Kansas wheat farmers
Program aims to advance adoption of regenerative agriculture practices and improve overall water quality in key watershed.

The Time for Postponing Climate Action Is Over

Oceans continue to warm

The Faces of Extinction: The Species We Lost in 2019


An artist set out to paint climate change. She ended up on a journey through grief

While therapists say that climate change-caused anxiety is growing

Humans risk living in an empty world, warns UN biodiversity chief
Ahead of the World Economic Forum, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema urges
governments to take definitive action on climate, deforestation and

Biochar Market Analysis, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies

The battle between animals and plastics

Philippine study finds microplastics inside a commonly consumed fish

AP Explains: How climate change feeds Africa locust invasion

Zero-carbon hydrogen injected into gas grid for first time in groundbreaking UK trial

Paris climate goals may be beyond reach

Activists Find Evidence of Formosa Plant in Texas Still Releasing Plastic Pollution Despite $50 Million Settlement

Congress requires probe of Marshall Islands nuclear dump (rising seas)

PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water Far More Prevalent Than Previously Reported

Circularity Global Report

Insurance industry and climate chaos costs

Australia’s Fires Show How Wealth Inequality Compounds Climate Disasters

Greenhouse gas from fossil and petrochemical production

“Grand Coalitions” with Big Oil and Gas Won’t Solve the Climate Crisis

Nearly All Americans Want to Get Off Fossil Fuels

The Amazon Lost 24,000 Square Miles of Land This Decade

What Barry Commoner’s Four Principles of Ecology Has to Do With China’s Coronavirus
“The present system of production is self-destructive; the present course of human civilization is suicidal.”

The New Industrial Revolution Will Be Undeniably Green

5 Things You Should Know About the Earth’s Warming Ocean

Why We Might Be the Last Generation to Prevent Climate Collapse
Slow Factory founder Céline Semaan details why this decade is one of action, particularly for those in the fashion industry.

Forty Years After “Baby Beluga,” Here’s Why I’m Enlisting in War World III to Defeat the Climate Crisis by Raffi (yes, THAT Raffi)
Four decades after release of iconic children’s song—and as we run out of time to respond to the existential climate emergency our world faces—I’ve run out of patience. We have just ten years to secure the future.



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Climate change now detectable from any single day of weather at global scale  


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Study Confirms Climate Models are Getting Future Warming Projections Right


Opinion: Hollywood hypocrites at the Golden Globes By Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer  


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21st century victory gardens can be used to feed the soil with carbon  


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Plastic promises: What the grocery sector is really doing about packaging  


Cory Booker’s Halt on Factory Farms Would Help the Climate Data from the EPA shows a steady increase in agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions, much of it linked to industrial systems of crop production and the rise of factory farms over the last two decades.  


Regulatory Rollback Tracker We are tracking environmental regulatory rollbacks of the Trump Administration. The table below links you to pages that describe the history of each rule and its current status and rollback efforts, including litigation and court decisions.  


How One Utah Community Fought the Fracking Industry — and Won Kanab, a small Utah town that’s home to the famous Best Friends Animal Society, took an unconventional path to face down a frac sand mine that threatened the region’s aquifer.  


Solar Farms will Capture Greenhouse Gases to Store in the Soil  


Nature and business, no longer in conflict?