Key Issue Ignored by Presidential Candidates: Foodcornfarm-a

‘Presidential candidates should seize the opportunity to improve the nation’s food and farm system for the benefit of us all’

“Why don’t candidates talk about food?”

That’s a question asked by the Des Moines Register‘s editorial board this weekend, who also pointed out that the “first-in-the nation caucuses are held in one of the world’s great agricultural centers.”

It should be a major issue for presidential candidates, the Register says, because

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Solar panel costs set to fall 10% a year

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Birds stop migrating as rubbish dumps provide winter feeding grounds

For some birds, feeding at waste sites seems preferable to long migrations to warmer climates, but researchers warn of risks to ecosystems and health

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Grenada Is Developing Climate-Smart Agriculture

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Meeting rising regional demand for PET and rPET

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The new pouch is a multilayer PE structure that provides functional and aesthetic advantages comparable to a mixed-material structure, but solves the recycling challenge.

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