The ideas behind regenerative farming are simple and ancient

People taking the training are often surprised to find out that sustainable ecological farming—and healthy soil—actually thrives when cattle graze the land. Matthew and Terces Engelhart, founders of the popular vegan chain Café Gratitude and parents of Kiss the Ground co-founder Ryland ­Engelhart, keep chickens and cattle on their farm in Northern California, dubbed the Be Love Farm. After 40 years as vegetarians, they decided to eat the meat from their own farm. The ­Engelharts’ switch caused an outcry among the vegan community; they even received death threats.

Tickell and other Kiss the Ground advocates say the issue is less a question of whether to eat meat, but what kind. “Fewer still know that conventionally farmed food requires 3 pounds of toxic chemicals per American per year. And even fewer know that the process of growing organic produce requires the deaths of vast numbers of animals. Our choice for the future of food therefore is not vegan versus paleo versus omnivore versus vegetarian,” Tickell writes in his book. “Rather, we must choose between a food system that honors and respects the lives of flora, fauna, planet, and people versus a system that demoralizes, dehumanizes, and destroys our biological commons.”


Sustainable ag expert shares insight on consequences of industrial farming


‘The ultimate agricultural practice’: Q&A with organizers of World Agroforestry Congress 2019


Imagine the vast GMO-glyphosate soybean fields of America’s Heartland

transformed into a perennial forest with swarms of hazelnut trees,

deeply-rooted and thick as lilac bushes, fourteen feet tall, and laden

heavy with oil-rich nuts that have a 101 uses.

Imagine the annual harvest of hazelnuts fulfilling a cornucopia of

needs: for animal feed, for cooking oil, for fuel, for human food – and

for many of the purposes and functions now fulfilled by soy.


Regenerative Agriculture, healthy soils, clean water and increased profits


Rice Factory Discontinues Pesticides by Inaugurating Its Own Bio-Lab

“Grupo Pelón” Will Develop Its Own Microorganisms of Fungi and Beneficial Bacteria to Fight Pests


Patagonia is expanding its line of adult beverages that it produces in

conjunction with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland Oregon. The Long

Root Wit is a classic Belgian-style wit beer made with organic

ingredients and Kernza perennial grain.


What is the future direction for organic food markets?

A new masterclass will discuss the future direction of the organic food market


Latest agriculture emissions data show rise of factory farms


A new nature documentary, narrated by Sir David Attenborough and exploring the pressures

on “our planet,” premieres on Netflix on April 5


Transformative Climate Action Is Possible — If Polluters Stay Away






Will High-Speed Rail Ever Get on Track in the U.S.?


75% of Scotland’s Electricity Now Green; & All Cars Electric by 2032


The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change

A three-year UN-backed study from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform On Biodiversity

and Ecosystem Services has grim implications for the future of humanity.


Green New Deal critics can’t see the forest for the trees


The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn’t a Technology

Forests are the most powerful and efficient carbon-capture system on the planet


Inaction is not a choice. by Frances Moore Lappé


Bank on Climate Change

Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2019


‘Coal is on the way out’: study finds fossil fuel now pricier than solar or wind

Around 75% of coal production is more expensive than renewables, with industry out-competed on cost by 2025


Australia is experiencing a rapid energy transition & is on track

to reach 100% renewable energy by 2032 at approximately zero net cost!

Most of the developing countries in sunbelt can follow this path too & avoid the damage to the earth’s climate.


Oil and gas majors have spent $1 billion undermining climate action since 2015, report says


Global Carbon Emissions Reached Record High in 2018


Global expansion and redistribution of Aedes-borne (tropical insect) virus transmission risk with climate change

The established scientific consensus indicates that climate change will severely exacerbate the risk and burden of

Aedes-transmitted viruses, including dengue, chikungunya, Zika, and other significant threats to global health security.

Here, we show more subtle impacts of climate change on transmission.


Protecting small, old-growth forests fails to preserve bird diversity: Study


Countries with the Largest CO2 Pollution Over Time (1850 to 2017)


Only 12% of Republican Fox News viewers believe climate change is man-made


Big Oil’s Real Agenda on Climate Change

How the oil majors have spent $1Bn since Paris on narrative capture and lobbying on climate


Alaska judge blocks Trump on Arctic and Atlantic drilling


Global Climate Strike: Meet the teenagers skipping school to fight for a greener planet


The Kids are the Grownups in the Room


Thousands of scientists are backing the kids striking for climate change

Students around the world are walking out of school to urge governments to do more about global warming.


FDA Lifts Import Ban on Genetically Engineered Salmon

Consumer, Native and Environmental Groups Decry FDA Decision


Despite Food and Drug Administration approval, GMO salmon

might be dead in the water.

Thanks to the inspiring work of thousands of Friends of the Earth members and allies, 80 grocery retailers

with nearly 16,000 stores nationwide have listened to scientists and consumers and made commitments to not sell GMO salmon;

these include Walmart, Costco and Kroger, the top three largest retailers in the world, and Albertsons, Safeway, Target , Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Also, a growing number of chefs and restaurant chains including Red Lobster

and Legal Sea Foods have made similar commitments.


Court Finds That Monsanto’s Roundup Caused California Man’s Cancer


Monsanto found liable for California man’s cancer and ordered to pay $80m in damages


Who is paying for Monsanto’s crimes? We are. by Carey Gillam

A US court ordered Monsanto to pay $80m in damages because it hid cancer risks.

That’s a small consolation for victims.


The World Is Losing Fish to Eat as Oceans Warm, Study Finds


Impacts of historical warming on marine fisheries production


Heatwaves sweeping oceans ‘like wildfires’, scientists reveal

Extreme temperatures destroy kelp, seagrass and corals – with alarming impacts for humanity


The Shells of Wild Sea Butterflies Are Already Dissolving

This long-predicted outcome of ocean acidification experiments has started showing up in the wild.

For more than a decade, laboratory studies and models have warned of the vulnerability of pteropods—

tiny sea snails also known as sea butterflies—to ocean acidification


What’s the world’s most widely used herbicide doing to tiny critters?

Glyphosate-based herbicides are not supposed to harm wildlife.

But lab studies keep finding otherwise.


Achieving Paris climate target could net additional billions in fisheries revenue


Ocean acidification could impact Atlantic cod populations more severely than previously thought


The 3 Big Things That People Misunderstand About Climate Change

David Wallace-Wells, author of the new book The Uninhabitable Earth,

describes why climate change might alter our sense of time.


As evidence of man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’, Robert Mercer continues funding denialists


Sri Lanka scientist blames industry as award for herbicide glyphosate research is axed


Insecticide Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk — 40 Years After Exposure


3 reasons why people fall for politicians’ lies about statistics


WATCH: EWG Asked People If They’d Like to Eat Cereal With Monsanto’s Weedkiller in It


A Troubling Discovery in the Deepest Ocean Trenches

In the Mariana Trench, the lowest point in any ocean, every tiny animal tested had plastic pollution hiding in its gut.


Plastics: The New Coal in Appalachia?

With the natural gas fracking boom, plastics production is spreading

in the Ohio River Valley. But at what cost to health and climate?


The periodic table is 150 years old

Its creation is a perfect illustration of how science progresses


Growing Up Near Nature Is Good for Your Adult Mental Health, New Research Suggests


“The Last Pig” Doesn’t Offer Any Easy Answers on Animal Farming


Crises on the Colorado River : a 5 part series


Norway divests from plantation companies linked to deforestation


When It Comes to Climate Change, Centrism Is Not the Answer

Author John Feffer is interviewed


Petrochemical Giants Are Slowly Killing Black Louisiana Communities

Polluting industry generates feedstock for common plastic products, including grocery bags and throwaway bottles.


Is Costa Rica’s ambitious Decarbonization Program a Model for the US Green New Deal?


A Green Job Guarantee | Dollars & Sense


There’s Nothing Radical About the Green New Deal


Most US coal plants are contaminating groundwater with toxins, analysis finds

Of 265 US power plants that monitor groundwater, 242 report unsafe levels of at least one pollutant derived from coal ash


Chemical pollutants in the home degrade fertility in both men and dogs, study finds

There has been increasing concern over declining human male fertility in recent decades with studies

showing a 50% global reduction in sperm quality in the past 80 years. A previous study by the

Nottingham experts showed that sperm quality in domestic dogs has also sharply declined,

raising the question of whether modern day chemicals in the home environment could be at least partly to blame.


‘Give back to the earth’: Washington plans to legalize composting of human remains

The legislation, if signed, would see the state become the first in the US to legalize the alternative to cremation and burial


We’re Living in the Warmest Decade Since Record-Keeping Began

(Climate Disruption Dispatches)


BirthStrikers: meet the women who refuse to have children until climate change ends

A movement of women have decided not to procreate in response to

the coming ‘climate breakdown and civilisation collapse’. Will their protest be a catalyst for change?


Organic Farms Are Under Attack From Agribusiness, Weakened Standards

For the health of our planet and agrarian justice—consumers need to become co-producers,

learning about why it is such a struggle for smaller farms to thrive, and acting in solidarity

by paying fair prices, buying direct or seeking out meaningful labels



And as usual, it’s the communities that are least responsible for it that suffer the most.



US Dept. of the Interior hid scientists’ criticism of ANWR drilling: report


Why Climate Change Pundits Aren’t Convincing Anyone

Doom and gloom essays are more likely to offend skeptical readers than to convince them.

Cognitive studies suggest there’s a better way.


Record high US temperatures outpace record lows two to one, study finds

Scientists say AP study consistent with peer-reviewed literature and shows clear sign of human-caused climate change


Pesticide residues found in 70% of produce sold in US even after washing

Destruction from sea level rise in California could exceed worst wildfires

and earthquakes, new research shows

Climate Changed

Trump Again Seeks Deep Cuts in Renewable Energy Funding


Preparing for Invasive Pests Before They Arrive

With increased globalization and climate change, more countries are preparing

for the inevitable arrival of crop-destroying scourges from abroad.




Combining traditional knowledge with modern science and technology

could reduce loss of property and human life from out-of-control blazes.


Mongabay’s top 5 forests stories of 2019 (so far) for International Forests Day


Jim Crow in our Climate Crisis

Our extreme weather is blowback from energy systems that

were designed and operated in ways that entrenched inequalities


Judge Blocks Oil and Gas Drilling on 300,000 Acres in Wyoming Until Government Considers Climate Impacts


The case for bringing back glass beverage bottles & imposing a $1 deposit per bottle


Recording Reveals Oil Industry Execs Laughing at Trump Access – POLITICO Magazine


France Would Save $44.5 Billion by Betting on Renewable Energy instead of nuclear, Agency Says


Why Kenya must take control of sand harvesting off its coast


Banks pumped $1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since the Paris climate deal

Your checking account is funding climate disaster.


Dead Whale Found With 88 Pounds of Plastic Inside Body in the Philippines


Plastic Pollution: Could We Have Solved the Problem Nearly 50 Years Ago?


EU parliament approves ban on single-use plastics

The European Parliament votes by 560 to 35 in favour of banning 10 single-use plastics.


Cuba acknowledges climate change threats in its constitution

Move is the latest in a series that the country has made aimed at dealing

with stronger hurricanes, more intense droughts and rising sea


Honey as a Pollution Detector? It’s a Sweet Idea

Beehives and their contents are a sensitive detector of lead emissions,

a study of Canadian urban apiaries showed.


Whales Rocked by Heavy Metals

A study shows concerning levels of chromium and nickel in Gulf of Maine whales.


Tropical Forests Are Being Replanted, But How Long Will the New Trees Last?

Many nations have pledged to reforest vast swaths of land, but ensuring

ecosystems’ recovery and survival will require long-term commitment.


Forests scramble to absorb carbon as emissions continue to increase


Emissions growth in United States, Asia fueled record carbon levels in 2018

Who keeps buying California’s scarce water? Saudi Arabia

Saudi-based Almarai owns 15,000 acres of an irrigated valley –

but what business does a foreign food production company have drawing resources from a US desert?




Threatened by water use and climate change, these groundwater gems are

drawing new attention from scientists and lawmakers alike.

EU consumption results in high carbon emissions from tropical deforestation, studies show


When women make decisions, the environment benefits

Why Housing Policy Is Climate Policy

In California, where home prices are pushing people farther from their jobs, rising traffic is creating more pollution.

By Scott Wiener and Daniel Kammen

Senator Wiener is the chairman of the California Senate’s Housing Committee.

Dr. Kammen is a professor of energy at the University of California, Berkeley.


Scenic City Sights Linked To Higher Happiness

Trump’s Pick to Head Interior Blocked Report Warning of Pesticide Risk to 1,000+ Endangered Species


One Thing You Can Do: Brew a Greener Cup of Coffee

Also this week: Our correspondent braves the Northern European winter on a commuter bike

Wounded Wilderness: The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 30 Years Later

On the surface, Prince William Sound appears to have recovered.

But you don’t have to dig too deep—into the soil or into memories—

to find the spill’s lingering effects.

The Doomsday Vault’s home is already altered by climate change. A report says it could get worse.