More on organics management, cities, & circular economy prospects

Urban Biocycles was produced in collaboration with the World Economic Forum as part of Project MainStream. This new scoping paper focuses on the significant volume of organic waste flowing through urban environments, and highlights opportunities to capture value in the form of the energy, nutrients and materials, by applying circular economy principles.

Living Soils Symposium: Inspiring a Regenerative Cannabis Movement

Farm consultant concerned over GMOs, use of glyphosate


‘Regenerative agriculture is the next big movement in food’

Meat and dairy often get a bad rap on the sustainability front, but not all animal production systems have the same impact on the planet, 

says EPIC Provisions co-founder Taylor Collins, who reckons that “the next big movement in food is coming in the form of regenerative agriculture,” 

which he claims is “creating a net positive return on the environment.”

In California, Salt Taints Soil, Threatening Food Security

Solar breaks 50% of California electricity for first time – driving wholesale rates negative

Americans Say Paper Bags More Eco-Friendly Than Plastic

What it takes to design products for the circular economy

Consumer goods in the linear economy are manufactured with planned obsolescence in mind — they are designed to become outdated or wear out in order to push a new generation of product or sell a replacement.

Greenland’s Coastal Ice Caps Have Melted Past The Point Of No Return

“Climate Summit” 2009

An Indian court has recognised Himalayan glaciers, lakes and forests as “legal persons” in an effort to curb environmental destruction, weeks after it granted similar status to the country’s two most sacred rivers

Tesla Plans To Build Entire City

Power Sector Carbon Index

Newly Developed Nanotech ‘Super Sponge’ Removes Mercury from Water in Less Than 5 Seconds Which Could Make Effective Toxic Cleanup of Lakes Possible in the Future

Photos reveal more than 200 bright blue Arctic lakes have started bubbling with methane gas

California Air Resources Board votes to keep emissions requirements, vowing to protect the environment even if the federal EPA won’t

‘Moore’s law’ for carbon would defeat global warming

Michael Cox served as a climate change adviser to EPA’s Region 10, covering Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

Future climate forcing potentially without precedent in the last 420 million years # #

Carbon Levels Could Hit Pre-Human, ‘Palms in the Arctic’ State by Mid-Century
If fossil fuel use continues unabated, atmosphere could revert “to values of CO2 not seen since the early Eocene (50 million years ago),” new report finds

Exploring the Green Infrastructure Workforce

County gives animal feedlot cease-desist order

‘Zero waste’ beer made from leftover rolls

Calls for blanket compostable packaging at Auckland events

The Big Event strives to be zero-waste this year


New York subway system thwarted in plan to remove trash cans from stations

Zero-waste weddings are all the rage in Bangalore

Building brand value through recycling

How a moment that looked like PR win for Cargill turned into a kerfuffle

Farmers and scientists bristled when the Minnesota-based food giant agreed to have ingredients certified by a critic.

General Mills Wildflower Seed Giveaway More Hypocritical Than Glorious

Creating your own food forest

Green Brexit: what next?

Ontario sells $472M of allowances in 1st cap-and-trade auction

Province sold out of allowances during March 22 auction


‘Wild and wonderful’ growing techniques can be adapted from Waterville heirloom farm

N.C. State student comes up with a plan to keep pill bottles out of the trash

Our automotive culture, our disconnection with place

On our bike, my family and I share the road with people in cars, but it’s like we’re in different worlds. 

Can we move beyond automobilism and reconnect our bodies and senses to our mobility?

When Your Day Job Is Restoring Streams And Saving Species

Arrowhead water bottles reach recycled content milestone

We Don’t Need a “Temporary Economy.” We Need a Responsible Job Creation Act Now

Businesses will defy Trump in low-carbon transition, say climate experts

A backward-looking Donald Trump administration will fail to deter corporations seeking to shift to low-carbon, sustainable business models, a panel of US climate and green policy experts has concluded.–Businesses-will-defy-Trump-low-carbon-transition/

The Circular Economy at Work

A transition to the circular economy is essential to fight climate change, resource depletion and achieve sustainable growth.

Jane Maland Cady, PhD, on Using Ecological Approaches to Growing Food