Costa Rica Runs Entirely on Renewable Energy for 300 Days

Costa Rica has charted another clean energy accolade. So far this year, the Central American country has run on 300 days of 100 perce

nt power generation from renewable energy sources, according to the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE), which cited figures from the National Center for Energy Control.

Solar powered smart windows break 11% efficiency – enough to generate more than 80% of US electricity

How Increased Carbon Dioxide Levels Influence the Human Diet

The answer to our most pressing environmental problems lies beneath our feet

Out of the approximately 29 elements considered essential for human life, 18 are are obtained from soil, and most of the others can be taken up from the soil by plants. Nutrition therefore has its roots in the soil; healthy soil grows healthy food, and healthy food then sustains healthy people.

This “Climate Beneficial” Wool Hat Comes From Carbon-Positive Sheep

The North Face’s new beanie is woven from wool from sheep raised on a farm that takes in more carbon than it puts out.

How carbon farming can help solve climate change

Food and Fiber Sectors Cultivate Impact with Applied Sustainable Agriculture

Becoming (and Remaining) a Farmer is Hard

Education and training can help new farmers succeed, but new research points to systemic challenges that also need to be addressed.

Amazon tribe saves plant lore with ‘healing forests’ and encyclopedia

In a bid to safeguard knowledge the Matsés in Peru have been planting “medicinal agroforestry” plots and written a 1,044-page two-volume book.

Growing urban warmth helps city trees thrive

A 100% renewable electricity system is an effective and urgently needed climate protection measure.

A global zero emission power system is feasible and more cost-effective than the existing system based on nuclear and fossil fuel energy.

A vision for the Navajo Nation in one farm’s sustainability

Local businesses keep jobs and money circulating within their communities.

New planetary epoch (Anthropocene) makes its mark

Climate Consensus – the 97%

American leaders should read their official climate science report

The United States Global Change Research Program report paints a bleak picture of the consequences of climate denial

When Buying Nothing Gives You More of Everything

A way to get and give free stuff with your neighbors that is time-consuming, inconvenient—and wonderful.

Many college students going hungry, need donated food groceries and food stamps

The Community Resilience Reader: Essential Resources for an Era of Upheaval

The Design Flaw at the Core of Humanity’s Malaise

Recognizing the design flaws in our default programming is the first step to envisioning the world we know is possible.

Fritjof Capra talks about his journey towards balancing science and spirituality


Shifting From Parts to Patterns

Beyond Organic to Regenerative Organic

3 circular principles for healthy agriculture

In Defense Of Green Tape

Inside the Pity-Our-Farmers Tax ‘Reform’ Scam

No farm families, repeat no farm families, are losing their family farms to the federal estate tax.

Solar-Powered Jets Could Someday Take Off

Sun-fueled flight is now at least theoretically possible, new experiments show—but scientists have a long way to go before carbon-neutral aircraft actually fly.

Profit is not an accurate measure of business success

Protecting Our Planet through Climate Action on Multiple Fronts

How Coral Researchers Are Coping With the Death of Reefs

The drumbeat of devastating news can take its toll on the mental health of people who have devoted their lives to coral.

Danone focuses climate efforts on regenerative agriculture

Ben and Jerry’s vs. Glyphosate: Moving on from the Toxic Relationship

The future of crops in Ireland: It’s time for farmers to wise up in glyphosate debate!

Texas: Environmental justice in America

‘America’s dirty little secret’: the Texas town that has been without running water for decades

Sandbranch is a small, poor, largely African American community just outside Dallas but its residents have to rely on charitable donations of bottled water

More harm than good with climate geo-engineering

Warming pause isn’t over: it never began

E-bikes: time to saddle up with low-cost energy and no sweat?

E-bikes are well-established in some EU countries, but how about the UK? Old-school cyclist Peter Kimpton tries a new model to see if he’d be tempted to swap

‘Modern air is a little too clean’: the rise of air pollution denial

Renewables will drive ‘steep decline’ in wholesale electricity price in Australia – report

Exclusive: Frontier Economics’ modelling commissioned by government says 6,000MW of renewable capacity entering market will reduce prices in 2018-20

NPR: What The Industry Knew About Sugar’s Health Effects, But Didn’t Tell Us.

Your Taxpayer Dollars Are Funding Corporate Propaganda

Congress wants to spend millions peddling corporate BS on GMOs.

People Act Where US Fails On Climate


U.S. subnationals shoulder climate role in Bonn, Trump sidelined

Canada & UK launch coal phaseout plan

Climate Chaos & Local Resilience


Crops in 25 States Damaged by Unintended Drift of Weed Killer

Climate Science Special Report

Climate Crisis and Managed Deindustrialization: Debating Alternatives to Ecological Collapse

If we don’t change the conversation, if we don’t deal with the systemic problems of capitalism and come up with a viable alternative, our goose is cooked.

From Miami to Shanghai: 3C of warming will leave world cities below sea level

An elevated level of climate change would lock in irreversible sea-level rises affecting hundreds of millions of people, Guardian data analysis shows

Climate refugees move up the agenda

Funding Tar Sands: Private Banks vs. the Paris Agreement

Documents how global private banks are driving climate change, environmental destruction and Indigenous rights abuses by financing tar sands pipelines, mines, and the companies behind them.

As Elon Musk Proposes Taking Over Power Authority, Puerto Ricans Demand Community-Owned Solar Power

By Amy Goodman and Juan González, Democracy Now! | Video Interview

New Zealand’s New Leader Wants to Kill Off Carbon

Is Taiwan on the cusp of a ‘green’ revolution?

With a unique industrial development plan centered on alternative energy sources, the nation is set for the new energy era

US switches focus of its Bonn event from clean energy to fossil fuels

One of US’s only public events, originally billed as promoting clean energy, has since been changed to favour coal and nuclear power

Organic Farm Co-op To Be World’s Largest Food Producer Using 100% Renewable Energy


It’s time for recycled-content mandates

Humans have dumped tons of plastic into oceans.  Now it’s reached the deepest depths, study finds

The problem with bioplastics

Sustainable growth: Time to stop trashing environment

Regenerative capitalist Hunter Lovins offers economic insights at Kelowna conference

Pruitt leads Trump’s economic war on the environment

In the Water-Scarce Southwest, an Ancient Irrigation System Disrupts Big Agriculture

In New Mexico and Colorado, the “acequia” is more than just democratic water distribution —it is at the center of Southwest culture.

How Monsanto Captured the EPA (And Twisted Science) To Keep Glyphosate on the Market

Since 1973, Monsanto has cited dubious science, like tests on the uteri of male mice, and the EPA has let much of it slide.

GMO Apples Arriving on U.S. Shelves for First Time


Genetically modified apple reaches US stores, but will consumers bite?

Pruitt’s EPA Abandoning Duty to Protect Kids From Dangerous Pesticides

New Research Shows Herbicide Ingredients Cause Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

Why Colgate and Nestle are setting an internal price on water

Big meat and big dairy’s climate emissions put Exxon Mobil to shame

Arkansas Panel Backs Ban of Controversial Herbicide Dicamba

The Fight Against The Tiny Plastic Pellets Choking Our Oceans

Our addiction to plastic has serious consequences.

Pierre Yves Cousteau: Ancient Greece can teach us about environment

Europe must design economic incentives fit for a circular economy

According to Zero Waste Europe the current European economic incentives to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic packaging in Europe need to be re-thought.

Kids Sue Trump Over Climate Rollbacks and Reliance on ‘Junk Science’


Children Sue Trump Admin for ‘Reckless and Deliberate Indifference’ to Climate Threat

“We must hold the federal government accountable for the long-term environmental harm that is propagating under its direction,” said Clean Air Council’s Joseph Minott. “It’s time to fight back.”

Environmental justice in America

A civil rights ’emergency’: justice, clean air and water in the age of Trump

The Trump administration is peeling away rules designed to protect clean air and water, fueling a growing urgency around the struggle for environmental justice, say political leaders, academics and activists

Wind powered all of Scotland in October & other Renewable Success Stories

‘Biggest Pile of Money on the Planet’ To Dump Fossil Fuels Holdings

In ‘astonishing’ move, Norwegian government advised to divest its sovereign wealth fund

of all its shares in oil and gas industry

The ultra-efficient, hidden heat source for Amazon’s new HQ

Past climate lessons prompt present rethink

If we act on climate change now, the economic prize will be immense

Averting the apocalypse: lessons from Costa Rica

The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World


Honda Claims Its Electric Cars Will Charge in 15 Minutes by 2022

New paradigm needed for waste

Producing ‘zero waste plastics’

Initiative to extract value from production waste


Making carbon count: how pricing in externalities could drive the circular economy

Find alternatives to plastic, take action now

Wasted opportunity: EU stalemate on food waste reduction


UK to explore tax on single-use plastics;utm_medium=OnSite&utm_campaign=copyright

Two Greeks bridge the gap between Greece and Australia

eBay (VIDEO) | Circular Economy:  An Engine of the Future (2 min)

Climate Deniers, Koch Brothers, Help Buy Time Magazine

A Perilous Time, a Promising Movement

No matter what our specific issue passion, we now see that we can’t move it forward without fixing the rules of our democracy itself.

Chemical company’s response to water worries: Silence