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One seed at a time: Lebanese project promotes agroecology for farmer autonomy


On the Cusp of Cleaning Up “Cancer Alley,” the EPA Caved to GOP Pressure

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency abruptly terminated three of its highest-profile civil rights complaints.


Trudeau Lit a Fuse to One of the Largest Carbon Bombs on Earth, Activist Says Canadian Climate Activist: Big Oil Is Fueling Fires. We Must Stop Funding New Fossil Fuel Pipelines


Supermarket plastic bag charge has led to 98% drop in use in England, data shows

Ministers urged to learn from success of single-use bag fee, amid criticism that other measures have been delayed


Climate Disasters May Be Nudging Societies Toward Rising Violence and Cruelty

Efforts to curb climate change are provoking right-wing backlash and bringing state violence down on climate activists.

We’re Having a Violent Meltdown

The Human Costs of Global Warming — and of Our Response to It


Birds and bats help Peruvian cacao farmers gain higher yields, study says


Global pesticide use is on the rise


Canada’s Record Wildfires Made Four North American Cities Among the Five Most Polluted Cities in the World


Wildfire smoke can harm human health, even when the fire is hundreds of miles away

A toxicologist explains the health risks people can face when smoke blows in from distant wildfires


Millions on alert as wildfire smoke from Canada to spread to US

Officials issue air quality advisories across US and with nearly 900 forest fires –many of them ‘out of control’ – burning to the north


Ocean heat is off the charts – here’s what that means for humans and ecosystems around the world


Meltwater is hydro-fracking Greenland’s ice sheet through millions of hairline cracks – destabilizing its internal structure


China on Course to Reach Solar and Wind Power Goals Five Years Ahead of Schedule


The Hype of a Nuclear “Renaissance

The Forever Dangers of Small Modular Reactors


An Iowa meteorologist started talking about climate change on newscasts. Then came the harassment.


Urban Producers, Public Invited to Attend August Meeting of Federal Advisory Committee for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production

Investing up to $9.5 million for Composting and Food Waste Reduction (CFWR) pilot projects for fiscal year 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions: Reducing Food Waste in the EU


Plate and Goblet (VA): Farm-to-table, shakes and other comings and goings

The compost program mixes food scraps collected from restaurants with wood chips from True Timber, producing a “nice fluffy compost” while also diverting food waste from landfills


Oil and Gas Lobbying Threatens California’s Game-Changing Climate Bills Legislation aims to shine a light on corporate climate pollution and carbon offsets.


The Big Bank Power Structure and How It Finances Climate Destruction


The Farm Bill could address climate change and structural racism 

The legislation has strayed far from its initial model of labor-minded price floors and supply management to creep into the corners of federal institutions where structural racism thrives


Emergency Declared as ‘Historic and Catastrophic’ Flooding Swamps Vermont 

“Flooding in parts of Vermont have surpassed what was experienced during Tropical Storm Irene,” the governor said.


Death Valley Expected to Record Highest Temp Ever on Earth as Climate Crisis Roars 

“To be extremely clear: this is not normal,” said the Union of Concerned Scientists as nearly 120 million people in the U.S. faced extreme weather alerts.


Earth reaches hottest day ever recorded 4 days in a row

Even higher temperatures are expected in July and August as El Niño strengthens.


As the Salton Sea Shrinks, Agriculture’s Legacy Turns to Dust

As drought dries up the shallow sea, near a half-million farmable acres in the Imperial Valley, farmworkers living nearby are exposed to toxic dust and airborne pollution from algae blooms. Asthma, allergies, and other health impacts are rising at alarming rates.


The SMART Training Platform is working with student researchers across Canada to build a more resilient food system. Using design thinking and digital technology, these young researchers aim to support the development of healthy cities and communities.


‘Heat storm’ stretches into southern Europe, health alerts issued


The ocean is turning green. Yes, it’s climate change. 

Over the last 20 years, more than half of the planet’s oceans experienced color change.


The Blood of Pregnant Mares Fuels Factory Farming – Literally


The USDA Plan to Better Measure Agriculture’s Impact on the Climate Crisis

In this week’s Field Report, news on the agency’s latest effort to invest in soil science and correct discrimination, plus reports on global hunger and pesticides’ impacts on birds.


Industry Wants New Pipeline on Navajo Land Scarred by Decades of Fossil Fuel Extraction

Developers tout hydrogen as a clean energy source; Navajo opponents say it is another way outsiders will profit by harming their environment and health.


New Sensor May Be Groundbreaking Tool for Soil Carbon and Soil Health Measurement


All the Dirt: Star City Compost

(5 minute video)


Detroit area restaurants are first in nation to get this special certification

Todd says the program is very focused on prevention.

“A lot times when people think about reducing food waste in restaurants they think about restaurants donating more, or composting, and even though those are two parts of this program, the majority of it is not” she said. “The majority of it is saying how to we prevent it in the first place … and that’s how businesses save money.”


Maui’s Food Waste Is Causing A Big Problem. Now, Some Residents Are Tackling It Themselves

Food accounts for roughly 19% of all the trash thrown out in the county, which lacks a municipal composting facility.


Denali Recycles Over 2.6 Billion Pounds of Food Waste Since 2021


Reducing food waste good for profit and planet

A panel of food waste and upcycling experts shared some sobering numbers during a panel discussion at IFT FIRST, held July 16-19, including that up to 25% of produce grown on farms globally goes unused.


Biden-Harris Administration Announces Investments in Urban Agriculture, Food and Market Access through President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda


Fetterman, Brown lead bill investing in underserved farmers


Growing Demand for Sustainable Agriculture: An Analysis of the Global Organic Fertilizers Market


Release: NSAC Praises Introduction of the Supporting Urban & Innovative Farming Act of 2023


As vertical farms topple, can tech sow sustainability into controlled environment agriculture? 

Vertical farming, and controlled environment agriculture more generally, holds the promise of environmental sustainability. But rising energy costs and challenging economic conditions are straining the sector. Can technology help overcome obstacles to success? 

Insect Farming Isn’t Going to Save the Planet


“Our prison dumped thousands of pounds of food scraps every week—until we did something about it. We repurposed food waste, and we’re reinventing ourselves along the way.”


Giant Food and Divert process 30.8 million pounds of wasted food


Georgia cities trying out composting to combat food waste and climate change