Green Mission News – October 2019

‘Genius’ Grant Goes To Marine Scientist
Who Embraces Flash Mobs And Comic Books

Is Compost the Secret to Making Ag Climate Friendly?
A new study finds that adding compost to farmland can offer deep benefits

 for storing carbon and building healthy soils.

“No Winners on a Dead Earth”:
Why We Need a Climate Leader in 2020
The climate crisis is our common cause, and we’ll need to elect a president that is willing to take it on.

Resnick explains $750-million gift to Caltech for climate research. 

‘The kids are concerned’

Germany Unveils $60 Billion Climate Package

The Climate Strike Is the New Boston Tea Party
Politicians think the climate problem will go away if they can make the protesters go away.  

They’re wrong — and they can’t.

In a New Study on Bird Loss, Some Scientists Say Subtlety Is Lost, Too
A recent paper in the journal Science documented declines in some bird
populations, but did the packaging and coverage paint a skewed picture?

Global warming is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of
severe water scarcity (SWS) events, which negatively affect rain-fed
crops such as wheat, a key source of calories and protein for humans.

Study: Climate change could cause drought in wheat-growing areas
Up to 60 percent of current production areas could see simultaneous, severe 

and prolonged water shortages by the end of the century.

Saving the Planet Means Overthrowing the Ruling Elites

We Need Biodiversity-Based Agriculture to Solve the Climate Crisis
We can repair the Earth’s ruptured carbon cycle by recarbonizing it with the living carbon of biodiversity.

As cities build up green spaces, developers are increasingly factoring in fruit and nut trees, berry bushes and more as a way to boost nutrition while enhancing aesthetics

Global Climate in 2015-2019: Climate change accelerates
according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

250 People Attend Funeral for ‘Death’ of Swiss Alps Glacier

Special Report: Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate Summary for Policymakers

Mont Blanc glacier in danger of collapse, experts warn
Italian mayor orders roads closed and
homes evacuated over fears ice will break away

Big Business Won’t Save Us from Itself
Nearly 200 CEOs have signed a pledge to “do better” than serving their own greed. How? They won’t say.

Amid a Water Crisis, California Officials Fan Flames of Confusion
Since the 2018 Camp Fire, carcinogens have lingered at dangerously high levels 

in the region’s drinking water supply.

10 Ways That the Climate Crisis and Militarism Are Intertwined
To free up billions of Pentagon dollars for investing in critical
environmental projects and to eliminate the environmental havoc of war,
movements for a livable, peaceful planet need to put “ending war” at the top of the “must do” list.

This new resource aims to help clear up recycling confusion

Least Developed Countries launch vision for climate-resilient future

When it comes to acknowledging humans’ role in climate change, oil and gas industry lawyer says ‘that ship has sailed’

Palm oil to blame for 39% of forest loss in Borneo since 2000 : study

How Not to Be an Invasive Species
The descendants of settlers and immigrants can’t become Indigenous to the land where we live. 

But we can follow the models of coexistence.

From Scientist to Activist

The lifestyles of the richest 42 million people are emitting more greenhouse gas than the poorest 3.8 billion people.
Shift the focus from the super-poor to the super-rich:
Carbon mitigation efforts often focus on the world’s poorest people, dealing with topics such as food and energy  security, and increased emissions potential from projected population, income and consumption growth. However, more policies are needed that target people at the opposite end of the social ladder — the super-rich.

Crops under solar panels can be a win-win
In dry places, photovoltaic shade can even reduce water use.

Leaked IPCC report warns of future of oceans in climate change

The Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate — IPCC

Who is afraid of Greta Thunberg? 

As the world starts to take note of the teen climate activist, 

her critics have launched increasingly personal attacks.  

Addressing Those Who Have Been Fooled

Climate Deniers’ Response to Climate Crisis:
“There is no Climate Emergency”

4 ways to eat less plastic

Common pesticide makes migrating birds anorexic

Why a high-profile climate science denier quit Trump’s White House

Gene-edited animals will intensify factory farming and the climate crisis, could harm human health

Investment in Regenerative Agriculture Connects the Dots Between Soil and Plate
The public and private sectors are rapidly picking up efforts to ramp up carbon farming.

Heirloom Festival
RFK, Jr. and Others: No to GMOs, Yes to the Environment and Our Future

The Greenhouse Gas No One’s Talking About: 

Nitrous Oxide on Farms, Explained
Nitrous oxide gets much less attention in ag circles than carbon dioxide and methane, but it’s 300 times more powerful at warming the planet.

Rotterdam’s circular economy to create 7,000 jobs

Connecting the dots between the climate and biodiversity crises

It’s Not About Your Straws or Your Light Bulbs
Polluting industries want you to think the climate crisis is your fault, not theirs.

The Economist: The climate issue
Climate change touches everything this newspaper reports on. It must be tackled urgently and clear-headedly

When it comes to addressing climate change, gender matters

Why young climate activists have captured the world’s attention
As the movement prepares for a massive global protest, researchers break down why its message is gaining ground.

How the Save the Rainforest movement gave rise to modern environmentalism
It wasn’t all toucan t-shirts and lizard candy.

There Is More Money In The Borneo Rainforest’s Biodiversity Than In Its Deforestation

The Lawless Frontier at the Heart of the Burning Amazon

The Secret Garden
The crystalline rivers of the Serra da Bodoquena offer a window into Brazil’s freshwater biodiversity. But with deforestation on the rise, that window is becoming cloudier.

Senate Democrats release list of climate studies buried 

by Trump administration
Sen. Debbie Stabenow, ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, also publicly released a list of more than 1,400 climate studies that Department of Agriculture researchers have published during the current administration after POLITICO reported that USDA buried its own research and failed to release its plan to study the issue. The matter is increasingly urgent for farmers and ranchers dealing with erratic and extreme weather.

Amazon is building its own carbon-neutral UPS, Bank of America says

Be Aware Of What Can Be Hiding Behind Plant-based Hype

Who’s Burning the Amazon?
The fires are no accident. They’re set by people turning a profit in a grocery store near you.

Why Detroit Could Be the Engine for the Green New Deal
The city exhibits all of the problems the framework is meant to heal.

Review of plastic footprint methodologies : laying the foundation for the development of a standardised plastic footprint measurement tool

Sodexo in worldwide first as it ties financing to food waste prevention 


Plastic Tea Bags Release Billions of Microplastics Into Every Cup