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The Guardian view on a green new deal: save jobs and the planet 

The pandemic is an opportunity to tackle the climate emergency by creating productive green jobs for those made redundant by the crisis

Global Warming Will Cause Ecosystems 

to Produce More Methane Than First Predicted 

New research suggests that as the Earth warms natural ecosystems will release more of the greenhouse gas methane than expected from predictions based on temperature increases alone.

Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards

Better wines among the pines: Agroforestry can climate-proof grapes, French researchers show

Vatican urges Catholics to drop investments in fossil fuels, arms - Reuters   

Earth’s Rapidly Degrading Soil Is Bad News For Human Health

Trapping the Sun: New Thin-Film Technology Uses Sustainable Components for Solar Panels

Maryland offshore wind farm could become stop-over region for migrating striped bass and Atlantic sturgeon 

Turning Wastewater into a Resource

A new European initiative aims to create a “Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis”

Multiple Crises Signal the Need to Change Course

People are calling for change. It's time.

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Green Mission News October 2015

Pope Francis would love the obscure theories of this dead Romanian economist



Brazil to generate more GDP if cuts carbon emissions

Report: Low-Carbon Cities a $17 Trillion Economic Opportunity

Lessons from the frontlines of the next industrial revolution

Aqueous Hybrid Ion Battery Inventor Wins $500,000 Prize

These Incredible Saltwater Batteries Are Designed To Store Renewable Energy

Now we can clean power even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.


High Efficiency SunPower Solar Panels Power 12-Megawatt Roc du Doun Solar Plant

Target Expands Sustainable Product Index to Include 1,000+ Toxic Chemicals

Cap Fossil Fuel Production Now!

USDA Organic Survey (2014)

The leap manifesto: A Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another

Accelerating Low-Carbon Development in the World’s Cities

Pollution of the Ocean – Water: Science and Issues

… especially from large coastal cities. … and what its effect was on ocean wildlife. Medical waste and … Anthony F. Solid Waste Pollution ……

WWF – Marine problems: Pollution
Over 80% of marine pollution … Fertilizer runoff from farms and lawns is a huge problem for coastal … People once assumed that the ocean was so large that all ……

Plane search hampered by ocean garbage problem –

Most ocean garbage comes from land. Lost containers are only a minor part of the problem. While ship waste also adds to oceancoastal cities lack ……

Urban Environment Unit, UNEP

Urban Environment Unit : Search … a location for waste disposal, coastal cities compromise … on “Coastal Area Pollution. The Role of Cities” which shows …

Ocean Trash Plaguing Our Sea | Smithsonian Ocean Portal

In the Pacific Ocean, … creates a big problem. … Washed Ashore: From Beach Trash to Ocean Art. A plastic bag floats at sea.


… solid waste collection coverage in major Caribbean cities varies from … solid waste at sea (marine … of the marine litter problem and ……

Pacific Ocean Floor Is a Huge Underwater Garbage Dump

Pacific Ocean Floor Is a … Great Pacific Garbage Patch causes real problems for … to breed out on the open ocean, and this could have a big impact on ……

Ripple Effects: Population and Coastal Regions

… 1,000 people arrive in China’s large coastal cities … Population Issues in Coastal Regions Managing coastal areas … Integrated Coastal and Ocean

Wasted: New York City’s Giant Garbage Problem | Observer

New York City’s 8 million … New York City’s Giant Garbage Problem. … if you look back and remember the time when we dumped our garbage into the ocean, ……

What is the biggest source of pollution in the ocean?

What is the biggest source of pollution in the ocean? … When large tracts of land … of the United States are adversely affected by coastal pollution.

Ripple Effects: Population and Coastal Regions

… 1,000 people arrive in China’s large coastal cities each day, … Future Steps in Addressing Population Issues in Coastal … Integrated Coastal and Ocean…

Oceans of Trash |

These plastic products get caught in ocean currents and end up in large “garbage … beach could cut themselves on trash … problem of ocean trash “is …

Ocean Conservancy: Fighting for Trash Free Seas

We face many complex challenges when it comes to a clean and healthy ocean, but one problem is … International Coastal Cleanup, Ocean Action Network, Trash …

Why is the world’s biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean …

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, … Due to its lack of large fish and gentle breezes, … “Why is the world\u0027s biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean?”…

Great Pacific garbage patch – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Great Pacific garbage patch, … The garbage patch occupies a large and relatively stationary … across the North Pacific Ocean, including coastal waters off …

Pacific Ocean Plastic Waste Dump | Ecology Global Network

… the middle of the North Pacific Ocean is said to be one or two … Pacific Ocean Plastic Waste … the beach because it will go into the ocean and …

Polluted Ocean Photos — National Geographic

Ocean Pollution Pictures, Wallpapers, Download … Garbage on Beach. … Ocean Issues Videos. Video: Coastal Cleanup.

Marine Habitat Destruction — National Geographic

Learn about the environmental issue of marine habitat … Cities, factories, and farms create waste, … Ninety percent of the large predators in the ocean are ……

The World’s Dump: Ocean Garbage From Hawaii to Japan

Ocean Garbage From Hawaii to … “It moves around like a big animal without a … “The garbage patch barfs, and you get a beach covered with this confetti of …’s_dump:_ocean_garba…

Coastal management, Geographical issues: physical …

Coastal management refers to the use … Key human impacts and resultant environmental issues. Our coastal zone houses great … particularly in large cities, ……

What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch? | MNN – Mother …

It’s not one big “trash island,” but the Great Pacific … What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage … What’s the problem? Marine debris threatens ……

Plastic Pollution in Oceans | NRDC

Marine plastic pollution shows us that we cannot … to the problem of plastic pollution. … eliminate your plastic waste generation. 4. Clean up your beach.

WWF – Threats to oceans and coasts

Threats to oceans and coasts. The WWF … The beach is not just a favourite … and the dumping of rubbish, ballast water, and oily waste are endangering marine …

Ocean Pollution – Ocean Garbage – Marine Debris –

Pictures of ocean pollution, garbage in the ocean, … from oil pollution and burning wood and coal cause genetic problems in marine animals. … off Kona coast, Big ……

Pollution | Threats | WWF

Long-term exposure to air pollution, … city skies covered in … Some of this material accumulates in the centers of ocean gyres, creating great garbage patches.

Trash Islands – The Ocean Garbage Patch Trash Islands

… made up of tons and tons of trash and occupying an area as large as … After studying the trash found in the Great Pacific Garbage … When in the ocean…

Page Five of Photos of Garbage in the Ocean –

Toxic pollutants in the ocean have considerable … Ocean Garbage and Marine Debris Pictures . … beach, Big Sur, California, Pacific Ocean.…

Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch – National Geographic News

Search for missing Malaysian plane shines spotlight on giant ocean garbage … “This is a problem in every ocean … The Indian Ocean’s garbage patch is centered ……

Brief on Environmental Problems of the Marine and Coastal …

Brief on Environmental Problems of the Marine … small and large … ¾ Adopt environmentally safe and efficient solid waste management in the coastal towns and … pollution.pdf

Soil & Carbon: Soil Solutions to Climate Problems