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Take these 3 steps, add $500 million and create a circular economy for packaging, report urges


Agrochemical Apocalypse: Interview with Environmental Campaigner Dr Rosemary Mason


Farming could be absorber of carbon by 2050, says report
Veganism and trees could help stop agriculture contributing to global heating, study says


The following excerpt is from Farming on the Wild Side: The Evolution of a Regenerative Organic Farm and Nursery



Study finds massive reorganization of life across Earth’s ecosystems


Natural Gas vs. Renewable Energy: Beware the Latest Gas Industry Talking Points



Bank of England boss says global finance is funding 4C temperature rise
Mark Carney says capital markets are financing projects likely to fuel a catastrophic rise in global heating


Our Tax System Rewards Polluters
Last year, the biggest fossil fuel companies paid zero dollars in taxes
— and actually received billions in rebates.



How Wildfires Are Polluting Rivers and Threatening Water Supplies.
As wildfires become more frequent and destructive in a warming world,
they are increasingly leaving in their wake debris and toxic runoff that are polluting rivers and fouling water supplies. Some municipalities are having to upgrade their water treatment methods to counter the new danger.


Regenerative Agriculture Could Help Stop Climate Change — Can Tech Help Us Get There?



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Soil & Carbon: Soil Solutions to Climate Problems

An excess of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere is warming the
planet and increasing the severity and intensity of extreme weather events.
Because the atmosphere can only absorb so much of this greenhouse gas,
excess CO2 is dissolving into our oceans, causing them to acidify. Ocean
acidification not only harms marine life, it puts food webs at risk.


NRC Sustainable Materials Management Webinar with Larry Black.

Chipotle Becomes First Fast Food Chain to Go GMO-Free

Commercial Styrofoam Products Banned From New York City as of July 1

The EU Circular Economy:

To Infinity and Beyond

Start A Garden, No Matter How Little Space You Have. Here’s How.

Introducing the 2015 Goldman Prize Winners

How the Circular Economy Tackles Climate Change

Seed Laws That Criminalize Farmers: Resistance and Fightback

Circular economy could bring 70 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2030

Renewables Re-energized: Green Energy Investments Worldwide Surge 17% to $270 Billion in 2014

The Waste Biz: Has Recycling Glass Gotten Too Expensive?


There are political-economic system models that deliver 
superior social, economic and ecological outcomes

Shortages drive the circular revolution

Can a closed loop cradle-to-cradle economy really work?

Growing a Better System 

At Planting Justice, urban gardens are a tool to address both food sovereignty and the prison industrial complex.


EPR or Integration Project Delivery? Which is more realistic for the construction sector?

Eating from the Farm: the social, environmental, and economic benefits of local food systems

5 megatrends that will unleash value in the circular economy

Beyond capitalism and socialism: could a new economic approach save the planet?

A holistic approach to the economy is necessary to avoid social, environmental and economic collapse, according to a new report by the Capital Institute

“Pollution cannot be free anymore”: businesses and unions discuss carbon tax in Quebec

The Circular Economy: The Start of an Economic Revolution or Just the Latest Business Buzzword? –

Talk explores deep roots of thinking on environment

Recycled plastics market facing ‘unprecedented challenges’

Dairies decline talks on future of rHDPE supply chain

California may require more recycled content in bottles

Whole Foods and Xerces Society Work to Help Pollinators at Risk

How one woman lives a ‘zero waste’ life

Austin’s Zero Waste campaign

Climbing Mount Compost

Austin’s next big zero-waste project is feeding nature’s recycling program

Frugal Innovation: How to do Better with Less

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