Green Mission News – July 2019


A new generation of leaders understands that individual actions won’t fix our environmental problems

By defining environmental citizenship as responsible consumption,
sustainability advocates downplay the need for mass action to catalyze
structural change.

To succeed, the Green New Deal must tap the power of collective action.
The Green New Deal offers valuable insights on how to drive transformational change.
Does it have what it takes to pull it off?

The climate crisis is our third world war. It needs a bold response. 

by Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Economist
Critics of the Green New Deal ask if we can afford it. But we can’t afford not to: our civilisation is at stake


Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next 5 Years
Many of the world’s biggest companies, from Silicon Valley tech firms to
large European banks, are bracing for the prospect that climate change
could substantially affect their bottom lines within the next five
years, according to a new analysis of corporate disclosures.

Agriculture: The Next Battleground for Climate Justice

Former Shale Gas CEO Says Fracking Revolution 

Has Been ‘A Disaster’ For Drillers, Investors

Turning agriculture from climate culprit to carbon sink

One Man Is Trying to Fight Climate Change By Mobilizing an Unlikely Team: Iowa’s Farmers

The Green New Deal wants farmers to restore the land, not keep wrecking it
The sweeping framework—and surprisingly, Silicon Valley tech—could help
soil-repairing practices like regenerative agriculture take off.

This Local Solar-Popped Popcorn Was a Decade in the Making

Deep climate idea: Pay farmers to bury carbon
Called the Terraton Initiative (a “teraton” is a trillion tons), the
company expectes to sign up 3,000 farmers globally, with more than
1 million acres, in 2019.
David Perry, the company’s chief executive, says he has lined up a
group of buyers who will purchase carbon credits, from nonprofits to
consumer-focused food companies who could claim their products are not
merely carbon-neutral but carbon-negative.

Punjab government proposes Rs 15500 million for agriculture sector

FoodShot Prize Invests in the Future of Food and Soil

Fake Food, Fake Meat: Big Food’s Desperate Attempt to Further the Industrialisation of Food   by Dr. Vandana Shiva

Investing in Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture for dairy: Danone leads alliance with DSM
The alliance, Farming for Generations, is convinced that agriculture is a solution to making the food system sustainable

At Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. the Kitchen Garden is 

“Really Right Outside Our Back Door.”
The chefs at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. have a passion for
fresh food. With a thoughtful approach to farming, its agriculture teams
on both coasts maximize their playgrounds and sometimes even get the
brewing staff involved with recipes.

A Time of Reckoning in the Central Valley
Climate change is upending agriculture and land use in California’s Central Valley
by Mark Schapiro

Minnesota farm will serve as a classroom for an upcoming regenerative agriculture school

Farmer Angus dedicated to reviving the way farming used to be

A shorter working week isn’t a luxury – it’s an ecological necessity
Working less wouldn’t just free ourselves to spend time doing the things we love:
it could be the key to staying within our planet’s boundaries.

What price tag would you put on a walk in the woods?
Ecosystem services such as pollination and carbon storage are increasingly
factored into land management decisions. But what about less tangible

American farmers are reaping the climate denial whirlwind

Dealing With Climate Fear
If you feel powerless, remember that the biggest change you can make is to support leaders who think our planet is actually worth saving.

How to Arm Nature Against Corporate Profiteers
Corporate powers—who have perverted law, logic and nature to have their lifeless profiteering entities declared “persons”—are aghast that Mother Nature not only has rights but those rights can be legally and morally superior to the claim that a corporation’s right to profit is absolute

Trump pressures other G-20 leaders to weaken climate goals

The Farms of the Future
If we all divest our time, energy and money from the corporations that fill megastores and supermarkets, and invest instead in ourselves, in local farmers and small local businesses, then we can keep money and precious resources circulating in our communities

Existential climate-related security risk: A scenario approach

US schools accused of censoring climate crisis message in graduation speeches
Students say authorities have barred them from reading a text that
warns of ‘catastrophic climate change’ for being too political

This spring we’re taking over commencements everywhere to demand a zero emissions future.

It is clear that over-reliance on too few varieties and species leaves the food system more exposed to climate change

Green New Deal Me In

Canada banning single-use plastics as early as 2021

What Changed My Mind About Climate Change?
Risk management is not a binary choice.

Fire and Flood Politics as Usual and Planetary Destruction

Radiohead release hours of hacked MiniDiscs to benefit Extinction Rebellion
Thom Yorke describes hours of recordings from OK Computer sessions as ‘not v interesting’, while climate activists thank the band for ‘unprecedented support’

The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than Portugal, study finds
Pentagon released 59m metric tons of carbon dioxide and other warming gases in 2017, research shows

Mauled by American Meritocracy

Arctic sea ice extent just hit a record low for early June; worse may come

Wet weather sinks carbon into coastal temperate rainforests

Gray whales are in the midst of an ‘unusual mortality event,’ NOAA says

We Were Missing Most of the Plastic in the Ocean
The highest levels of microplastics are found more than 650 feet below the surface.

Fear-Based Climate Appeals Can Be Counterproductive
New research suggests that environmental groups can persuade more people by
focusing on a positive attitude toward climate action.

California has to stop thinking small in the fight against plastic trash

The Growing Effort To Reuse Wine Bottles In Provence

Microplastics a key factor in Sri Lanka’s plunging fish stocks, survey shows

Vegter – a prisoner of genetic industry’s ‘facts’

Eating Out? GMOs Do’s & Don’t’s

Impossible Foods and Regenerative Grazers Face Off in a Carbon Farming Dust-Up.
The plant-based burger company called regenerative grazing the “clean coal of meat” in a recent report. That hasn’t gone over well amongst carbon ranchers.

Urban Farm Grows Good Food and Good Mental Health

Danone CEO changes course as consumers shift toward plant-based food

Plan to sell 50m meals made from electricity, water and air
Solar Foods hopes wheat flour-like product will hit target in supermarkets within two years

Industrial Agriculture Practices Contribute to the Insect Apocalypse

Greenpeace report: U.S. retailers failing to address plastic pollution crisis

Farming with trees: food in a future with climate change
Agroforestry, a farming practice that mimics natural ecosystems, is taking root in Snohomish County.

Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking
(Unconventional Gas and Oil Extraction) Sixth Edition June2019

“No evidence” that fracking can done without threatening human health–2638917368.html

Deep learning to map concentrated animal feeding operations
The Scary New Math of Factory Farm Waste
Factory farms are exempt from reporting requirements under the Clean Air and
Clean Water Acts. Now a new tool can provide solid evidence of the
environmental harm they can cause.

“Hardhats vs. Hippies”: How the Media Misrepresents 

the Debate Over the Green New Deal

Rise of the Extinction Deniers
Just like climate deniers, they’re out to obfuscate and debase the scientists and conservationists trying to save the natural world — and maybe get rid of a few pesky species in the process.

Carbon to burn: UK net-zero emissions pledge undermined by biomass energy

Cargill commits $30 million to end deforestation in Brazil

279 dolphins dead on America’s Gulf Coast
Scientists will investigate lingering effects from the 2010 BP oil spill

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting unusually fast
That may raise the sea level by an extra millimetre this year

In Courtrooms, Climate Change Is No Longer Up for Debate
Increasingly, global warming science is going unchallenged in lawsuits seeking to
curb fossil fuel use and hold companies to account.

The Indian Ocean’s Great Disappearing Garbage Patch
The Indian Ocean is heavily polluted by plastic, but currents and the wind push it all about.  For better or worse, oceanographic and meteorological forces in the Indian Ocean seem to be preventing plastic from accumulating to form a garbage patch.

As new market booms, which meat alternative will win out?
The sizzling initial public offering of Beyond Meat has set off a
fierce debate among companies with a variety of futuristic food ideas.

8 Reasons to Avoid GMOs
Are you wondering if GMOs are bad for you? Maybe you don’t even know whether or not you’re eating genetically modified organisms. If so, you’re not alone, at least in the U.S.

U.S. Meteorologists ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over 5G Roll-Out

We Have Less Than a Millisecond Left by Lee Camp

‘Climate apartheid’ between rich and poor looms, UN expert warns

A Democratic Think Tank, the Progressive Policy Institute, Is Promoting Pushback Against Climate Lawsuits

Close to home: ‘why local food is the future’

Cooks Venture wants to make US poultry industry sustainable through feed
Changing how feed is grown and the kinds of rations used
with poultry are aspects of Cooks Venture’s push to move poultry
production from “sustainable” to “regenerative” agriculture, says CEO.

Solving The Plastic Problem

Big plastic user Japan fights waste ahead of G-20 summit

Heatwave cooks mussels in their shells on California shore
Temperatures lead to what appears to be largest local die-off in 15 years, raising fears for broader ecosystem

Amazon infrastructure puts 68% of indigenous lands / protected areas at risk: report

Blue States Roll Out Aggressive Climate Strategies. Red States Keep to the Sidelines.

Solar’s Past, and Future

This Delightful Solar-Powered Train Is The Pinnacle Of Transportation

Waimea a good example of ‘Silent Spring’