Green Mission News – January 2016

Whole Foods Partnering with Urban Farming Project to Improve Food Security in Chicago NeighborhoodWholeFoods2

In 2013, Whole Foods Market announced that it would be opening a store in the Englewood, one of the poorest neighborhoods of Chicago. One of the pillars of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration has been to improve access to healthy, fresh, quality food in the city’s poorer neighborhoods and has been in discussing this partnership with Whole Foods Market for a year and a half.

Educating Our Way to a Zero-Waste Future

How Kamikatsu, Japan—despite initial protests from its denizens—is progressing toward its 2020 zero-waste goal

and  (includes 2 minute video)

Carbon Trust success for Central England Co-op

All Key Countries Have Climate Targets Thanks to Paris Climate Agreement

Carbon Farms To Fight Climate Change

Carbon Farming May Figure in Climate Mitigation

Robot Panic Peaked in 2015 – So Where Will AI Go Next?

This year experts from Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking warned about the havoc robots could cause the economy and humanity. How do we ensure machines are friends rather than foes?

Digital Wind Farms and the New Industrial Revolution

5 Ways the Internet of Things Is Bringing the Next Industrial Revolution

Coined Industry 4.0, the digitization of industry is validating yet another application for machine-to-machine connectivity  

Even Gatorade Is Going Organic, Pepsi Says It’s Coming Out Soon


A Glimpse into the Complex World of GMOs

Sugar processors, confectioners react to consumers’ non-GMO demands


Giving Up GMOs Saved My Life And You’re Worth It Too

Food Tank’s Favorite Books of 2015

Weaving a Tapestry of Hope for Ocean and Earth

John Roulac: The Fraudulent Science at COP21 Exposed

Why Would Industrial Ag Cover Up This Inconvenient Truth?

Top 10 Waste & Recycling Stories of 2015

The Top Recycling Stories of 2015

D.C., Montgomery Co. Ban Styrofoam Food Containers

Heard of permaculture? Kashmiri agriculturist eyes minimising imports with free range farming

Food Reduction Goals Open Composting Business Opportunities

Austin Invests in $7.5M Recycling Operation Despite Revenue Losses

Pool: Recycling Crucial to Austin’s Health, Prosperity

Farmers Try Political
Force to Twist Open
California’s Taps

Few in agriculture have shaped the debate over
water more than the several hundred owners
of an arid finger of farmland west of Fresno.


2 Questions Every Investor Should Ask About Climate Risk


End of the Beginning on Climate,

Beginning of the End for Fossil Fuels


Oil Companies Call for Stronger Carbon Pricing


Wild Bee Population In Dramatic Decline In Areas That Need Bees Most

Wild bee numbers are falling, but the amount of farmland that needs bees is increasing.


Modeling the status, trends, and impacts of wild bee abundance in the United States

If you like almonds, apples, blueberries, and watermelons, you should worry about bee decline.


What You Should Know About The Drastic Decline of Wild Bees

Scientists map where wild bees are disappearing in the U.S., and make a disturbing discovery.


Nestlé Just Set The New Standard For Using Cage-Free Eggs

If the world’s biggest food company can do it in five years starting from scratch, anyone can.


Costa Rica’s Green Energy Feat Shows Hope For The Planet

Almost all the energy produced in the developing country this year came from renewable sources.


Get Smart: Commune and Grow Your Food With Your Neighbors


Building a Renewable Energy Future


Overuse of Pesticides is Devastating China’s Crops, Study Says