Green Mission News – February 2018

Will People Eat Relish Made from ‘Waste’ Ingredients?

Drexel Study Finds They May Even Prefer It

A new Drexel University study found strong potential for consumer acceptance of a new category of foods created from discarded ingredients.


The joint research, led by three Drexel professors, Jonathan Deutsch, PhD professor in the Center for Food and Hospitality ManagementHasan Ayaz, PhD, associate research professor in the School of Biomedical Engineering and Rajneesh Suri, PhD, professor in the LeBow College of Business along with three graduate students Siddharth Bhatt, Jeonggyu Lee and Ben Fulton, sought to find out if foods made from surplus ingredients — termed value-added surplus products (VASP) — that would have been otherwise wasted can be a promising solution to food insecurity if appropriately marketed to consumers.

Ford to invest $11bn and have 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles by 2022

The planned investment is significantly higher than the previously announced target of $4.5bn by 2020

Energy From the Sun Student Guide 

Building a record size offshore wind farm

Responsible consumption, a guide to a zero-waste New Year

After years of steady cost decline for solar and wind technologies, renewable power is becoming an increasingly competitive way to meet new generation needs.

District heating warms cities without fossil fuels

‘Days Numbered’ for Fossil Fuels: Sanders Backs Demand for Rapid Energy Transformation

“The issue in front of us is not a scientific debate,” the senator said.

“It has everything to do political will.”

You want to eat meat that’s been ethically raised.

But how can you know for sure?

7 Ways to Launch Your Own Anti-Plastics Movement

The Problem of Plastic Waste will require Drastic Measures

New fountains and bottle-refill points to tackle London’s plastic waste

Exclusive: Mayor of London announces scheme to reduce packaging waste and improve access to tap water

99% of These Sea Turtles Are Turning Female—Here’s Why

At the Pacific Ocean’s largest green sea turtle rookery, a crisis is unfolding, likely thanks to warming temperatures. Will this become a global problem?

World’s largest money manager to CEOs: You must do good for society

10 Million Acres of New National Parks Created in Chile

Trump plan to shrink ocean monuments threatens vital ecosystems, experts warn

Save the Arctic

The Arctic is the world’s air conditioner, but amid global climate change it’s warming twice

as fast as the rest of the world. In the last 30 years 75% of the summer sea ice volume

has disappeared, causing oil companies to try and take advantage.

World’s biggest wildlife reserve planned for Antarctica in global campaign

Vast 1.8m sq km fishing-free zone would protect species, such as penguins, leopard seals

and whales, and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

New measurement confirms: The ozone is coming back

Despite lots of year-to-year variability, trends are now becoming clear.

Carbon Omission

How the U.S. Media Underreported Climate Change in 2017

Polluted air, water to be cleared up by 2020

3 Reasons a Meat Tax Is a Good Idea

Better Composting Crucial to SF Reaching Zero Waste

Although the city isn’t likely to meet its goal of zero waste by 2020,

San Francisco has dramatically reduced how much it sends to the landfill.

British supermarket chickens show record levels of antibiotic-resistant superbugs

How to Bring Caring for Kids and Elders (and Other Acts of Love) Into the Economy

It’s one of the most concrete representations of love that we have, yet it’s extremely undervalued.

Declining oxygen in the global ocean and coastal waters

2017 was the hottest year on record without an El Niño, thanks to global warming

Climate scientists predicted the rapid rise in global surface temperatures that we’re now seeing

Getting to 350: What It Will Take to Fix Global Warming

More than half of Norway’s new car sales now electric or hybrid, figures show

Generous tax breaks and incentives like free city tolls and parking put country en route to meet electric-only vehicle market by 2025

Climate Change Could Make 327 Toxic Sites Even More Dangerous

Brazil announces end to Amazon mega-dam building policy

Quarter of British honey contaminated with bee-harming pesticides, research reveals

Although the contamination rate has fallen from a half since a partial EU ban the insecticides remain in the farmed environment posing a serious risk to bees

Belize Ends Oil Operations in Its Ocean Waters

Other Countries Have High-Speed Trains. We Have Deadly Accidents and Crumbling Infrastructure.

Rubbish already building up at UK recycling plants due to China import ban

Plastic that would have been imported to China will cause chaos for councils as it mounts up, warn industry experts

Poke Bowls Are Trendy, but Are They Sustainable? (2 min. video)

Reduce waste, recycle more, and stop the burning

Civilized UK, rebuking Trump on Coal, now 30% Wind Powered

California Has Ample Ways to Fight Trump on Drilling

Donald Trump Has Sold Out Family Farmers

Trump claims he’s “fighting for our farmers,” but his policies mainly benefit agribusiness.

‘Like thunder in the ground’: Texans fear link between quakes and fracking waste

Wastewater injection, a byproduct of fracking, is the likely culprit behind a surge of earthquakes in northern Texas – and residents want accountability

Climate Web Pages Erased and Obscured under Trump

Critics of the new administration see a troubling pattern where information is hidden from the public

It’s Time to Confront the Scourge of Capitalism in the Food System

Trump’s Assault on Solar Masks an Epic Crisis in the Nuclear Industry

Climate Denial Will Kill Us


H o w Climate Change W e b C o n t e n t is Being Censored U n d e r  t h e  T r u m p  Administration

Digging In: Land Rights, Food Sovereignty and a Pop-Up Restaurant in Detroit

Further collaboration between The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute



The president thinks polar caps are “setting records.” They’re not.

In the Age of Big Climate Change we have to stop Farting Carbon

No, Polar Ice Isn’t Growing and, Yes, We Are Boiling the Earth

11 billion pieces of plastic bring disease threat to coral reefs

New risk of atmospheric aerosols as sunscreen

Climate change threatens half of US bases worldwide, Pentagon report finds
Defense department says wild weather could endanger 1,700 sites

Findings run counter to White House views on climate