Green Mission News – December 2019

If you read only one book this year, it should be Roger Hallam’s 

“Common Sense for the 21st Century: Only Nonviolent Rebellion Can Now Stop Climate Breakdown and Social Collapse.”

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency

Failure to address climate crisis puts children at risk (David Suzuki)

Why We Strike Again.
After more than a year of grim scientific projections and growing activism, world leaders and the public alike are increasingly recognizing the severity and urgency of the climate crisis. And yet nothing has been done.

Fracking boom tied to methane spike in Earth’s atmosphere
The chemical signature of methane released from fracking is found
in the atmosphere, pointing to shale gas operations as the culprit.

Amid Blackout, a California Tribal Village Kept Lights On With Solar Energy

Repurposed Renault batteries will power tourist e-boats in Paris

Blue spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness

Pope Francis condemns ecological sins and Nazi-inspired rhetoric


Isotopes confirm the dominant role of fossil fuel combustion in increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide

Why the Origin of the Organic Livestock Rule is Important to Everyone

Why the world needs systems leadership, not selfish leadership

Six in ten willing to pay more for reduced plastic packaging

Climate and Health Risks of Liquified Natural Gas

Coming Full Circle: Sustainable Retail In A Post Recycling Age

Need for social inclusion in a circular economy

What Recycling Will Look Like in 10 Years
As businesses rush to become greener, this is what recycling may look like a decade from now.

Using plastic alternatives: It starts with customers

The Right Chemistry
How Apple and Ahold Delhaize are ensuring the new materials economy is safe

The world’s economy is only 9% circular. 

We must be bolder about saving resources.

Giant Water Battery Cuts University’s Energy Costs by $100 Million Over Next 25 Years

Building A Circular Economy: A Society Where 

‘There’s No Concept Of Waste’

Intentional Design: Embracing the Circular Economy

Eat, Stomp, Poop: Could Better Ranching Help Save the Planet?
Beef has a climate problem. But it may also offer a path to drawing down carbon emissions.

The Biggest News Story in the U.S. That Nobody Paid Attention To: Increased Deaths From Air Pollution

Germany must specify 2050 emission target for cost-efficient energy transition – study

Cost-efficient and Climate-friendly Transformation Strategies for the German Energy System up to 2050

As cities’ interest in green infrastructure grows, so does the need to develop strategies and resources to maintain it
Urban projects designed to manage stormwater promise huge benefits as climate changes — but they also demand a new kind of care.


Magnet doubles hydrogen yield from water splitting – Aligning the spin states of oxygen intermediates overcomes a bottleneck in electrolysis

Scientists replaced 40 percent of cement with rice husk cinder, limestone crushing waste, and silica sand, giving concrete a rubber-like quality, six to nine times more crack-resistant than regular concrete. It self-seals, replaces cement with plentiful waste products, and should be cheaper to use.

Coca-Cola Named The World’s Most Polluting Brand … Again.

The League of Anti-Environmental Extremists: A new poll suggests the Trump administration—packed to the brim with industry lapdogs and climate skeptics—is significantly more anti-environment than the American public is.

Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and PepsiCo are the 

Top 3 Plastic Polluters on the Planet

Why climate action needs to target the border industrial complex
Climate change is displacing a growing number of people; governments are responding by privatising border policing.

The Scariest Horror Movie of the Year Is an Environmental Documentary
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch takes viewers on a hypnotic worldwide tour of the destruction we have wrought.

New species named after climate activist Greta Thunberg

Americans would rather reduce oil and gas exploration than ‘drill, baby, drill’
A new poll finds that a clear majority of Americans say oil and natural gas drilling should be curtailed or maintained at current level. But opinions were divided along partisan lines.

How to Save Coffee from Climate Change
We need to find more resilient strains in the wild and on small farms and preserve them in gene banks

Synod votes to ordain married men, and to protect Amazon’s indigenous peoples and rainforests

As cities’ interest in green infrastructure grows, so does the need to develop strategies and resources to maintain it
Urban projects designed to manage stormwater promise huge benefits as climate changes — but they also demand a new kind of care.

Massive Oil Spill Turns Brazil’s Beaches Black, Kills Marine Life, Threatens Communities

Light pollution is a driver of insect declines

Climate-heating greenhouse gases hit new high, UN reports
Head of World Meteorological Organization says ‘no sign of a slowdown, let alone a decline’


As the world strives to cut greenhouse gas emissions and limit climate change, it is crucial to track progress towards globally agreed climate goals. For a decade, UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report has compared where greenhouse gas emissions are heading against where they need to be, and highlighted the best ways to close the gap.

The Future of Meat

Former President Jimmy Carter: How Empowering Women and Girls Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis

With Coal’s Decline, Pennsylvania Communities Watch the Rise of Natural Gas-fueled Plastics 

This Bioplastic Made From Fish Scales Just Won the James Dyson Award
British product designer Lucy Hughes has invented a biodegradable plastic made from fish offcuts


How an Old Law Is Helping Fight New Plastic Problems.
New legislative efforts to ban plastics are important, but a recent court ruling in Texas reminds us that enforcing existing laws is a crucial part of the plastics fight.

The Power of Green Public Finance
In addition to visionary leadership and a mobilization of businesses, citizens, and civil-society groups, confronting climate change will require massive investments. We cannot count on governments alone to put up the money; rather, we must use public finance to leverage the power of private capital.

AMP Robotics to scale production of AI-guided robotic systems for recycling
$16-million in A series funding announced, led by Sequoia Capital

Major victory as EIB ends fossil fuel financing by 2021: Other banks must now follow.

Big Oil Needs to Pay for the Damage It Caused.
Climate change disproportionately affects poor people and
people of color. They should be compensated for their suffering.

Cap and Trade Is Supposed to Solve Climate Change, but Oil and Gas Company Emissions Are Up
Countries have called California’s cap-and-trade program 

the answer to climate change.
But it is just as vulnerable to lobbying as any other legislation.
The result: The state’s biggest oil and gas companies have 

actually polluted more since it started.
The way market-based climate change solutions are 

set up provides loopholes and giveaways.

Sweden’s central bank dumped Australian bonds and said it will no longer invest in assets from governments with large climate footprints, even if the yields were high.

New Senate Climate Caucus Is Filled With Climate Deniers and Climate “Delayers”

UK supermarkets criticized over pesticide use, lack of transparency

What America Lost When It Lost the Bison
By migrating in huge herds, bison behave like a force of nature,
engineering and intensifying waves of spring greenery that other grazers rely on.

In the Sierra, scientists bet on ‘survivor’ trees to withstand drought and climate change

How cities can lead the fight against climate change using urban forestry and trees (commentary)

(Not a) Surprise: Glyphosate-Based Herbicides 

Are Bad for Your Mental Health
Widespread use of Monsanto’s Roundup has had 

wide-reaching effects over our entire food system