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The Guardian view on a green new deal: save jobs and the planet 

The pandemic is an opportunity to tackle the climate emergency by creating productive green jobs for those made redundant by the crisis

Global Warming Will Cause Ecosystems 

to Produce More Methane Than First Predicted 

New research suggests that as the Earth warms natural ecosystems will release more of the greenhouse gas methane than expected from predictions based on temperature increases alone.

Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards

Better wines among the pines: Agroforestry can climate-proof grapes, French researchers show

Vatican urges Catholics to drop investments in fossil fuels, arms - Reuters   

Earth’s Rapidly Degrading Soil Is Bad News For Human Health

Trapping the Sun: New Thin-Film Technology Uses Sustainable Components for Solar Panels

Maryland offshore wind farm could become stop-over region for migrating striped bass and Atlantic sturgeon 

Turning Wastewater into a Resource

A new European initiative aims to create a “Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis”

Multiple Crises Signal the Need to Change Course

People are calling for change. It's time.

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Green Mission News – December 2016

What makes plastic trash seem so tasty to seabirds?

Plastic island: How our trash is destroying paradise

Life in Syntropy (Agroforestry; 15 minute video)

An agency inside the Obama administration poured billions into fossil fuel projects that will lead to global carbon emissions on a damaging scale

The broad footprint of climate change from genes to biomes to people



Chinese Economy moving to low carbon


California votes to keep state ban on plastic bags

Salatin’s Virginia Regenerative Farm Documentary

Farmers’ climate work celebrated at international summit

500-year-old clams recorded changes in ocean climate

Finland set to become first country to ban coal use for energy

This Is the First City in Florida to Commit to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Elon Musk says a Tesla solar roof could cost less than your crappy normal roof

Green Technologies Learning Centre Kicks off to Support Transition to Green Economy

Why Dell Designs for Recyclability (and Your Company Should, Too)

US must transition to low-carbon energy

“Restoration Economy” Strives to Protect Pollinators, Create Jobs

Fibershed Leads the Movement in Sustainable Textile Systems

How One Farm is Reinventing Agriculture for Better Food and a Brighter Future

Farming Carbon into Soils and Trees: A Climate-Smart Mid-Century Strategy for Agriculture

Creating and manufacturing ecologically responsible packaging: Walk the eco-walk

47 of the world’s poorest countries are aiming to hit 100% renewable energy

Health Canada proposes ban of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticide – British Columbia

Pesticide studies must be made public, EU court rules