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The Guardian view on a green new deal: save jobs and the planet 

The pandemic is an opportunity to tackle the climate emergency by creating productive green jobs for those made redundant by the crisis

Global Warming Will Cause Ecosystems 

to Produce More Methane Than First Predicted 

New research suggests that as the Earth warms natural ecosystems will release more of the greenhouse gas methane than expected from predictions based on temperature increases alone.

Farming for the Future at Frey Vineyards

Better wines among the pines: Agroforestry can climate-proof grapes, French researchers show

Vatican urges Catholics to drop investments in fossil fuels, arms - Reuters   

Earth’s Rapidly Degrading Soil Is Bad News For Human Health

Trapping the Sun: New Thin-Film Technology Uses Sustainable Components for Solar Panels

Maryland offshore wind farm could become stop-over region for migrating striped bass and Atlantic sturgeon 

Turning Wastewater into a Resource

A new European initiative aims to create a “Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis”

Multiple Crises Signal the Need to Change Course

People are calling for change. It's time.

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Green Mission News December 2015

Carbon Farming Gets A Nod At Paris Climate Conference

Las Cañadas is an ecological cooperative in Veracruz, Mexico that's working to sequester carbon and mitigate climate change while producing food, materials, chemicals and energ

Las Cañadas is an ecological cooperative in Veracruz, Mexico that’s working to sequester carbon and mitigate climate change while producing food, materials, chemicals and energ

This week, world leaders are hashing out a binding agreement in Paris at the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference for curbing greenhouse gas emissions. And for the first time, they’ve made the capture of carbon in soil a formal part of the global response to the climate crisis.

Why we should all aim to be carbon positive

Tackling the world’s plastic problem

It’s #TimeToChoose Climate-Friendly Food

Introducing The Natural Capital Lab!

The Natural Step is embarking on a new Sustainability Transition Lab—this Lab aims to improve the way we measure, manage and make decisions about Canada’s natural capital.

How the circular economy could end take-make-waste businesses

21 young people from across the United States have filed a landmark constitutional climate change lawsuit against the federal government in the U.S. District Court

Portland City Council voted Thursday evening the Fossil Fuel Policy was passed by a 5-0 vote


World Bank Climate Envoy Delivers Powerful Message on Coming Low-Carbon Revolution

Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy

Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say


How the U.S. Private Sector Is Reimagining the Future of Business Economy.pdf

Growing Tomorrow” Forrest Pritchard

Savory Institute Announces White Oak Pastures As An Accredited Savory Hub

Taco Bell To Use Cage-Free Eggs In All Of Its Restaurants

Mark Zuckerberg And Bill Gates Join Forces To Invest In Clean Energy Technology

Dubai to make solar panels on rooftops compulsory by 2030

By studying the largest glaciers on earth, scientists hope to determine whether we’ll have time to respond to climate change or whether it’s already too late.

New York City: How and Why To Get To Zero Waste

Sustainable Cocktails and ‘Zero-Waste’ Bars Are Changing How You Drink

Product Stewardship: Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

U.S. Could Gain Trillions From Global Climate Change Action, Study Finds

Our financial stability is at stake, economists warn.

What can the world learn from Växjö, Europe’s self-styled greenest city?

In 1991, the southern Swedish city became the first in the world to declare its intention to become fossil-fuel free. So how much progress has been made, and does Växjö offer a blueprint for bigger cities too?